2.3 Importance of Practice

Students read pages 20-24 in their text book, then students completed their assignments. Today we completed RACE (restate the question, answer the question, cite your source, and explain your answer) about the importance of practice. After which students identified which activities have levers and how levers are used in certain activities.

assignment: complete the RACE assignment about “why is practice important?”and students identified five activities and which class of lever that activity belonged.

Fit for Life

W1.1 PA Pyramid (here is the link for the assignment, due September 05)

Review norms, and collected assignments.


  1. TSWBT practice positive communication skills all period.
  2. TSWBT perform activities from each level of the physical activity pyramid.

Students performed an instant activity that was similar to follow the leader. then students were given the time to perform the six stations. each station related to the physical activity pyramid.


Fit for Life December 12, 2016 Body composition

Obj: TSWBT identify the components of body composition and the factors that affect body composition.

Lesson: The students did some reading on body composition, the reading talked about the factors, what is BMI, height and weight. Students then worked on calculating their own BMI, and looking at where they fit according to the graph.

Aspire: N/A

Fit for life Muscular Endurance December 06, 2016

Objective: TSWBT perform tests for muscular endurance in four different stations.

Lesson: We talked about the different categories and ranges for a healthy zone for muscular endurance. We then spent the class period moving from station to station, and then they reflected upon what they achieved and what they could do to improve in the reflection area. The assignment was completed in class and turned in.

Aspire: Muscular endurance


Fit for Life strength of character November 28, 2016

Obj: TSWBT describe ways that they can build character within class.

Lesson: students worked in groups and defined what character is. They also discovered the six pillars what they can do in class to show those pillars with their actions. As a class we then talked about what muscular strength and muscular endurance. They discovered different ways to perform each of those components of health.


Flexibility November 03, 2016

Gather information: a discussion was lead about what is flexibility and do students think that they are flexible or not and why.

Lesson: students either read by themselves or with a small group, and they answered these questions;

  1. What is range of motion?
  2. How do you perform a PNF stretch?
  3. What would you do in the example story you read about?
  4. List as many joints as you can.

After that students listed the different joints and the plans that they crossed.


Fit for Life Modified ultimate tournament

Instant activity: Students will pass the frisbee around back and forth between pairs or a group of three.

Lesson: review the objective (demonstrate honesty, fairness, and cooperation by following rules and working out disputes with competitors.) and then we played a game of ultimate frisbee as a class. We then were supposed to modify some of the rules of the game but we ran out of time.

Debrief: What did they like about the game, what could have been changed, and what could be done next time during the game.

assignment: lesson objective, did they demonstrate this during class. Points were deducted when the objective was not met in whole or in parts.

Active sports and Recreation October 18, 2016

Objective: TSWBT exhibit cooperation, respect, encouragement, and ability to work independently.

Lesson: passed out the study guides, and went over the objective. As a class we talked about the difference between active sports, recreation, and physical recreation.

assignment: students are to complete the worksheet and turn it in on Monday.

Pacer Test

Objective: Students will encourage each other through the pacer test by providing positive feedback.

Lesson: students practiced and performed the pacer test. The students kept track of their score and recorded on their worksheet which I (Casey Swain) will keep in the classroom for future references.

Assignment: This assignment will be graded in the future as a part of their standards.

Fit for life September 30, 2016

Objective: the student will be able be active for 50 percent of the class.

Lesson: the students did a warm up, freeze tag. For today the students were practicing lifestyle activities during class and being active for 50 percent of the class period.