Health February 29, 2016

Journal: Write five sentences describing to me a mind mapping chart you used in the past and what you used for you mind map.

assignment: Students finished the mind map that they had created the previous week on Thursday. They either worked in partners on by themselves to finish their mind map. After the students had finished we briefly talked about prescription drugs, and answered questions off the study guide about different types of prescription drugs and their effects.


PE February 29, 2016

Warm up: Draw and label the basketball court.

Assignment: We reviewed the skill cues for dribbling; knees bent, eyes up, and us the finger tips. Then we learned about how to pass a basketball using these four skill cues by watching a short video; knees bent, extend arms, palms out, and thumbs down. Then the students put to practice the skill cues for dribbling and passing, then they were able to play any of the following games, lightening, horse, 7 on the line, 4v4.

Health February 25, 2016

Journal: What decision have you made in the past that you now are living with today. Use at least 5 sentences.

Assignment name: Mind map

Class work: Today we talked about mind mapping, what it is, how it works, topics, and what you would use it for. After the class discussion, as a class we made our own mind mapping, and made our own branches on the white board. For their class assignment the students created their own mind map on the web.

they need the following:

one topic

8 main points

16 branches of the main points

32 branches off the 16 branches


PE February 25, 2016

Warm up: Write 3-5 sentences describing your favorite basketball play or blooper from Tuesday.

Assignment: In class today we talked about some of the rules, and skills used for basketball. Then I showed a video clip of professional basketball players dribbling, and then I showed a short clip of someone showing us HOW to dribble. As a class we then went outside and practiced dribbling, then we played some simple games such as around the world, and 4v4.

Health February 23, 2016

Journal: What are the three types of decisions that we make, and describe one decision you made this past week.

assignment: We covered the study guide, and we reviewed what was covered last week about decisions we make. Then as a class we talked about choices that we make and what choices affect us later on in life. The class gave their own examples and explained how it affected them in life in the present and later on in life. A small debate was given to show students what choices that they make, and what outcome can become of it.

PE February 23, 2016

Warm up: the students listed skills used during the short video clip, which showed NBA players shooting, dribbling, passing, speed, guarding, offense, defense, etc.

PE: In class today we covered the history of basketball, when it was invented, what date it was created, and what equipment was used. As a class we watched NBA bloopers, and clips of NBA plays that demonstrated skills used for basketball. After this the students played a variety of games and new games will be given for the students to play next class period.

Health February 19, 2016

Journal name: Refusal skills/active listening.

Journal: Explain to me why it is important to use refusal skills. Use at least 5 sentences.

Assignment: Today in class we talked about decisions, and the different choices that we make in our lives. There are three different types of choices that we make, no decision, snap decision, and responsible decision. Students created a list of choices that they make in their lives and they labeled each choice with either no decision, snap decision, and or responsible decision.

After students had finished with their list, they wrote about a choice that they had make, and considered the five steps to reflecting upon their choice.

PE February 19, 2016

Journal: Write down five basketball rules that you know.

Lesson: Students were supposed to finish their archery test, but we were not able to due to the fact that the gym was being used for other purposes. So instead of finishing their test, the class got into groups and created their own games using the PE equipment that they had available. The rubric included material such as game detail, safety, rules, strategies/variations, skills, organization, neatness.

Health February 17, 2016

Journal: Explain to me what steps you used from active listening lesson on Thursday during the debate. Write 3-5 sentences.

Assignment: we played two different games for the students to look at different body communication styles. These were used to show each other that sometimes body language does not always get across our point. This lesson was about recognizing that saying “no” sometimes needs more than just either ignoring, talking over them, avoiding eye contact, etc. It may or require saying “no”.

assignment name: Refusal skills

Students wrote 4 paragraphs about a time when they used refusal skills and or did not use them.

PE February 17, 2016

Journal: Explain to me which skill cue or skill cues are most important for archery and why. write using 3-5 sentences.


Today is class we did the test, the test covered the bow and arrow, course, and skill cues. We also discussed what unit we will be covering, and what kind of clothes needed. We will be covering basketball but it will be outside, warm clothes will  be needed.