Depression Nov 10, 2016


Objective: TSWBT describe depression and its symptoms in 3-4 sentences.

Lesson: we covered a slide show to see if we could see if we could find a person (by looking) who had depression. We then got into groups to discuss the following; recognizing depression, categorizing triggers for depression, and understanding what a person with depression might say and do.

assignment: Complete the categorizing of triggers for depression.

Stress management November 07, 2016

Objective: TSWBT List different types of stress under acute and chronic stress.

Lesson: Today we finished two more presentations, and then we moved onto stress management. As a class we discussed what stress is, and then I gave an example about stress and how it affected me physically, mentally, and socially. For their assignment they were to make a mind about about the stressful situations from their lives, and then list the symptoms that they experienced.

assignment aspire: N/A

Dodgebase October 13, 2016

Journal: Explain to me why you thinik it is important to understand what a problem drinker, alcoholic, and social drinker are. Use four to five sentences.

Objective: TSWBT use all active listening skills during the lesson.

lesson: We had some conflicts with lesson so I adapted and the students played a game of dodgebase instead of working on their projects. More information about this project will be on the next post.

Assignment: play the game, Aspire: N/A.

Health September 21, 2016 Refusal skills/saying NO

Journal: describe to me what active listening skills you used during the dress code discussion. Use at least 3-4 sentences.

Objective: TSWBT write five ways to say “NO” in the examples porvided.

Lesson: we played rock, paper, scissor as a class and we played a variety of ways which led into the lesson of how we use different responses for different situation. We also talked about how we can say no in those different situations.


Health Active listening

Journal: How can we show that we are active listeners? Use 4-5 sentences.

Objective: TSWBT use the four active listening techniques during class.

In class today we had a discussion about the school dress code, and what their thoughts and or feelings were. Students used the active listening skills that they had learned from last class and they applied them in the lesson. After the discussion students were given time to finish their posters that they had created.

Health 09/15/2016 Active listening

Journal: explain to me how you can show effective communication skills in 4-5 sentences.

Objective: TSWBT demonstrate 4-5 skills used for an active listener.

Students participated in an activity in pairs drawing each others pictures, using yes and no questions. discussion in class was used to see why active listening was important. Then students watched a shot youtube video about active listening and how they can apply simply strategies to be be an active listener while answering these questions.

  1. what are the four skills for effective listening?
  2. what can distract us from listening?
  3. what are some non-verbal communication skills to show that you are listening?
  4. a good listener creates…..
  5. which skill do we perform better as people, listening or speaking? And why?
  6. What are some ways to improve effective listening?

Health September 13, 2016

Journal: Define the following words in 2-3 sentences each; assertive, aggressive, and passive.

Objective: TSWBT write or say at least five communication errors that may be fixed.

Students participated in communication activities and looked for good communication skills, and what can be done to fix that. Students watched a short video clip on “whos on first and whats on second…” and answered these questions.

1. what were the facial expressions

2.what was the body language

3. what were the bad communication skills used.

4. what verbal cues have been done differently to express themselves

5. what body language could have been used to express themselves

Health 8th and 9th

Welcome back!

This page is for both the 8th grade and 9th grade health classes. I am excited to cover a variety of topics that will help you have the tools to create a healthy life style. During the first weeks of school we will have team building activities and cover grace and courtesy. If you have signed up for either class you will need the following material:

  1. A small note book.
  2. loose leaf paper and a writing utensil that is blue or black ink.
  3. Colored pencils, and or markers.

These are items you will need in class, but if you would like to bring classroom items such as magazines (i.e. Top Gear, peoples magazine, This old house, sports illustrated, US Weekly) 3×5 index cards. You may bring a personal computer, or I-pad to class on days that we use the internet for classroom assignments you may. Those dates and assignments will be given at a later time. During the first few weeks of school we will be talking about the olympics and how health plays a role in the olympic games. Be sure to either watch the games, read about them online, and or health hazards that play a role in the games. If you do not have access to these kinds of material you may use a local library to find this material or let me know and I will give you some other suggestions to keep you up dated.

I am excited for the new school year and I look forward to the first week of school.