ultimate frisbee October 24, 2016

Objective: Resolve interpersonal conflicts with empathy for rights and feelings for others.

lesson: we learned about Ultimate frisbee, the rules, spirit of the game, game play and that ultimate frisbee is different than most sports. One major difference is that it is a sport in which you call your own fouls. You must use the honor system and be honest.

Here is the website for the rules of the game, and basic game play. The questions on the test will be from this video about ultimate frisbee.


Active sports and Recreation October 18, 2016

Objective: TSWBT exhibit cooperation, respect, encouragement, and ability to work independently.

Lesson: passed out the study guides, and went over the objective. As a class we talked about the difference between active sports, recreation, and physical recreation.

assignment: students are to complete the worksheet and turn it in on Monday.

Questions Soccer/baseball/ultimate frisbee/basketball


How tall is the basket?

Label the basketball court.

How wide is the court?

How many players on the court for one team?

Write down one thing you know about basketball.

Write down one rule of basketball.

Ultimate Frisbee

Are you allowed to double team?

How do sports build character?

What direction may you throw the frisbee?

How many points to win a game?

What is the objective of the game?

What is another name for a frisbee?

How long is the field?

How wide is the field?

How many players are on the field for one team?

How many substitutes do they have?

Write down one thing you know about ultimate frisbee.

Write down one thing you want to know about ultimate frisbee.

Soccer questions.

  • Draw the field.
  • Label the field.
  • Name the positions in soccer.
  • Name a rule in soccer.
  • What is a yellow card?
  • What is a red card?
  • How does a corner kick happen?
  • How does a goal kick happen?

Baseball questions

  • Draw the field.
  • Label the field.
  • Name a rule in baseball.
  • Name a position in baseball.
  • What is the purpose of the foul lines.
  • Draw the foul lines.
  • How many positions in baseball?
  • What must the runner do when a fly ball is caught?
  • Name all the positions in baseball?
  • Describe the strike zone.
  • Draw the strike zone.

Dodgebase October 13, 2016

Journal: Explain to me why you thinik it is important to understand what a problem drinker, alcoholic, and social drinker are. Use four to five sentences.

Objective: TSWBT use all active listening skills during the lesson.

lesson: We had some conflicts with lesson so I adapted and the students played a game of dodgebase instead of working on their projects. More information about this project will be on the next post.

Assignment: play the game, Aspire: N/A.

Baseball October 13, 2016

Bell Work:

What is the purpose of the foul line.

Draw the foul line.

Lesson: students practiced their goals, and then for a game we played dodgebase for the game. Students were then given time to finish and turn in their questions.

Alcohol October 11, 2016

Journal: Please describe to me what you have learned from drug addiction and use 4-5 sentences.

Objective: TSWBT write one to two sentences about a problem drinker, alcoholic, and social drinker.

Lesson: I had the students come up with their own definition of a problem drinker, alcoholic, and a social drinker. Then as a class we did an activity were we put descriptive words under each category on the board. Each student had a opportunity to come to the board and put a description under one of the categories.

Assignment: N/A for aspire

Baseball October 12, 2016

Bell Work:

Draw the foul line.

Describe the foul line.

Objective: The Student will follow all the rules and instructions.

Lesson: Students played baseball, but instead of a baseball we used a dodgeball, and we called it Dodgebase.