Non communicable diseases December 13, 2017

OBJ: TSWBT identify short and long term effects.

Journal: Define communicable disease AND OR explain how communicable diseases are spread in 4-5 sentences.

Lesson: the students were given time to complete their journal and we talked about the definition and how communicable diseases are spread. Students had a hard time with the definition, so I recommend going over the definition again. Students then watched a short youtube clip on communicable diseases and their four categories. ( )  Then students were presented a small powerpoint about non communicable diseases, the definition, what they are, factors, and categories.  Then students were given time to complete their project or assignment.

Assignment: real life issue, before you read, lesson assessment, and vocabulary pg. 702

Project: group project assignment on a word document. Come find me if you need one because I could not up load one.

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