Peer pressure December 07, 2017

OBJ: TSWBT identify components of a healthy relationship. (1.4a.)

Journal: define cyber-bullying and or write how you should handle cyber-bullying when confronted by it in 4-5 sentences.

Lesson: the students worked on their journal when they came in and after 8 minutes, we had a short review about what cyber-bullying is and how it should be handled. We also discussed how they can get help if in that situation. After their journal students had time to read and mark an article about peer pressure, and talked about good and bad peer pressure, what is it, and how to create positive peer pressure. The article is found is the link below.

assignment: book page 198, real life issue, before you read, lesson assessment 1-7, and vocabulary with definitions.


project: students completed a four square written assignment;  definition of peer pressure, list five good and five bad examples of peer pressure, explain how peer pressure relates to a healthy relationship, and finally explain how to create positive peer pressure.

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