Health December 17, 2015

assignment name: KWL have 5 items in each section

We had a classroom discussion on calories, how many calories you will intake for an average meal in either Mcdonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s. Students then looked at variety of activities that burned calories from a list of daily activity, and added up the amount of calories needed to burn off their meal.

Later students learned about the KWL chart, and they listed things that they have learned from health, what they know about about those health topics, and what they want to know about health in any aspect.

PE December 17, 2015

assignment name: archery journal

assignment: write a paragraph (five sentences) about why the 11 skill cues are important.

lesson: As a class we practiced shooting, and using the 11 skill cues during practice. Students followed the whistle blows for instructions on when to grab their bow, when to shoot, when to collect arrows and when to wait.

Health December 15, 2015

topic: Optical illusions, and physical activity

assignment name: Physical activity

What we discussed in class was how we as people see things differently and how illusions play a role in our mind. After a few pictures and demonstrations we moved into physical activity.

In physical activity we discussed daily physical activity and physical activities outside of the home. The students then in groups created a list of physical activity that followed this rubic;

1. Names of students in group.

2. One piece of paper.

3. Least the activities from most active to least active.

4. Ten of those activities must be used inside the home (i.e. cleaning your room, mowing the grass, raking the leaves, and or doing the dishes)

PE December 15, 2015

assignment: students were required to say and demonstrate the skill cues for archery. after they have memorized the skill cues then they were given the opportunity to practice shooting.

Health December 11, 2015

Journal: write down what you remember from the presentation from Jason Child.

In class we talked about cyber bullying. We read the story about David, and answered these questions.

    • How did it make you feel to hear about this incident?
    • What do you think motivated the students who created the Web site?
    • What about those who added comments or e-mails and those who chose not to tell anyone about what was taking place?
    • What would you have done if you received a link to the Web site or a message inviting you to visit and join in?



We watched two video clips about cyber bullying and what people say. We performed classroom discussions, and wrote down reasons for cyber bullying and strategies for handling cyber bullying.

PE December 11, 2015

assignment that we turned it was the journal. This assignment included the journals from Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Journal: write down and define what each whistle is and its purpose.

Health December 09, 2015

For health today we had a presentation on bullying, sexting and the consequences. the assignment was to answer these five questions.

Assignment: sexting

1. what are the types of bullying?

2. what are the steps to take if you are being bullied?

3. explain to me which type of bullying is most damaging and why? (in five sentences)

4. what is sexting?

5. explain to me five ways you can get caught with sexting.

Health December 07, 2015

assignment: read a story about an unintentional injury and what caused it.

As a class we looked at stats and behaviors that caused injuries, and or accidents. In class we looked at 6 different areas, car crashes, poisoning, drownings, choking, falls, and fires.

  • Unintentional injuries are bodily harm that can be caused by fires, car crashes, drowning, sharp objects, guns, poisoning, being struck by something, hot liquids like boiling water, tripping on the sidewalk, falling down the stairs, bike crashes, and more.

PE December 07, 2015

assignment: wrote down the 11 skill cues, and labeled the archery course. Students also labeled the archery course.

As a class we went through the skill cues used on the course, proper stance, how to hold the bow, where to shot, and how to shot.

Health December 02,2015

assignment ASB Questions students are to answer the following questions about this story in three to four sentences.

When the off-licence opened, the atmosphere of the parade of shops changed dramatically. A group of between 6 – 15 youths started hanging around outside, generally during Friday and Saturday evenings. Most of the time they were just noisy and causing a nuisance through kicking a football at the shop fronts. They were often drunk. Following complaints from some of the residents, the anti-social behavior escalated and there were some incidents of windows being broken and various offensive pictures and words being sprayed onto shop fronts. On Saturday and Sunday mornings the residents would be faced with a substantial amount of rubbish that had been left from the night before, usually pushed into the shop doorways, along with urine. On several occasions there were incidents of damage to cars which varied from twisted aerials to broken wing mirrors and scratches along the paintwork. The police were called on a regular basis but usually the youths would disappear as soon as the police car came round the corner. When the police had gone they would reappear and be even more rowdy and offensive. It got so bad that residents didn’t go out at night for fear of being set upon. When a young mother did try to confront the youths about the amount of noise they were making while her baby was trying to sleep, she was pushed. Friends and family also chose not to visit in the evenings; the residents felt as though they were prisoners in their own homes. There were occasions when the police managed to catch and arrest some of the youths and the local Police Community Support Officer got to know the names of those responsible. Three youths were given anti-social behavior orders following arrest and conviction for offences of public order, assault and criminal damage. One of those was Sean.

why do you think the teens started hanging around the parade of shops?

■ why do you think their anti-social behavior increased after the complaints from residents?

■ what aspect of their behavior do you find most ‘alarming’ or ‘distressing’? What can be seen as ‘harassment’? Why?

■ why do you think that the residents felt that they could not leave their homes in the evenings?

■ how do you think this situation can be resolved?

In class we talked about Anti-Social behavior, what it looks like, what do people do, and what are some consequences. mainly we talked about what it looked like and what is common among the youth.