Alcohol March 01, 2018

OBJ TSWBT: explain the difference between social, problem, and alcoholic drinker.

Journal: Write down what you learned about your current drug you are researching in 4-5 sentences.

Lesson: Students completed their journal and shared what they are learning about, facts, street names, laws, etc. Then students defined in small groups what a social drinker, problem drinker, and an alcoholic. After they shared their definitions they listened to the song by Ellis PaulĀ All Things Being the SameĀ twice, once just listening and once with the lyrics. Then as a class we put short term definitions on the board and categorized them under the three topics.

assignment: students completed their past assignment and if they finished they wrote a paragraph on each of the three topics alcoholic, problem drinker, and social drinker.

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