ultimate frisbee October 24, 2016

Objective: Resolve interpersonal conflicts with empathy for rights and feelings for others.

lesson: we learned about Ultimate frisbee, the rules, spirit of the game, game play and that ultimate frisbee is different than most sports. One major difference is that it is a sport in which you call your own fouls. You must use the honor system and be honest.

Here is the website for the rules of the game, and basic game play. The questions on the test will be from this video about ultimate frisbee.


Questions Soccer/baseball/ultimate frisbee/basketball


How tall is the basket?

Label the basketball court.

How wide is the court?

How many players on the court for one team?

Write down one thing you know about basketball.

Write down one rule of basketball.

Ultimate Frisbee

Are you allowed to double team?

How do sports build character?

What direction may you throw the frisbee?

How many points to win a game?

What is the objective of the game?

What is another name for a frisbee?

How long is the field?

How wide is the field?

How many players are on the field for one team?

How many substitutes do they have?

Write down one thing you know about ultimate frisbee.

Write down one thing you want to know about ultimate frisbee.

Soccer questions.

  • Draw the field.
  • Label the field.
  • Name the positions in soccer.
  • Name a rule in soccer.
  • What is a yellow card?
  • What is a red card?
  • How does a corner kick happen?
  • How does a goal kick happen?

Baseball questions

  • Draw the field.
  • Label the field.
  • Name a rule in baseball.
  • Name a position in baseball.
  • What is the purpose of the foul lines.
  • Draw the foul lines.
  • How many positions in baseball?
  • What must the runner do when a fly ball is caught?
  • Name all the positions in baseball?
  • Describe the strike zone.
  • Draw the strike zone.

Baseball October 13, 2016

Bell Work:

What is the purpose of the foul line.

Draw the foul line.

Lesson: students practiced their goals, and then for a game we played dodgebase for the game. Students were then given time to finish and turn in their questions.

PE Baseball September 30, 2016

BRING WARM CLOTHES FOR PE. It will be getting colder as it gets closer to winter, you may bring a long sleeve shirt, hoodie, and or jacket to wear. We will be outside most of the time.

Objective: create personal goals based on fitness gram.

Lesson: students were given the opportunity to practice their skills at striking objects, and then at the end of the lesson we played kickball to practice base running. At the first of the lesson the students created their own goals to practice on for baseball.

PE baseball September 19, 2016

Write down two things you know about baseball.

Draw the baseball field.


In class today we talked about the rules of baseball, afterwards students were given the opportunity to practice throwing and hitting. Students were given a variety of objects to hit and throw such as beach balls, softballs, wiffleballs and dodgeballs.


link for the baseball rules.


PE September 02, 2016

Soccer questions for the week of August 29, 2016 to September 02, 2016.

How long is the soccer field?

Name one rule in soccer?

How wide is the soccer field?

Name a piece of safety equipment used in soccer.

Draw the soccer field.

Label the soccer field.

PE/Weight training

This page is for both the 8th grade and 9th grade PE classes. I am excited to cover a variety of topics and sports that will help you have the tools to create a physically active life style. During the first weeks of school we will have team building activities and cover grace and courtesy. If you have signed up for either class you will need the following material:

  1. A Change of clothes
  2. A writing utensil that is blue or black ink.

These are items you will need in class, I am excited for the new school year and I look forward to the first week of school.