Alcohol December 07, 2017

OBJ: TSWBT identify legal consequences for alcohol. (3.1d)

Journal: write about some of the consequences of smoking AND OR write about what you learned about from the you tube clip in 4-5 sentences.

Lesson: Students were given time to complete the journal and had a short discussion about how smoking can affect our bodies. We also had a brief discussion about what to do if confronted with peer pressure about smoking. After which the teacher gave a brief power point alcohol, and the students were given time to complete their in class assignment.

assignment: page 578 real life issue, before you read, lesson assessment 1-7, and vocabulary with their definitions.

OR a project: Students completed a four square writing assignment which consisted of; list legal consequences of alcohol use, what are some signs of alcohol poisoning, and students researched where they can go to to find help, then students researched three myths about alcohol and what the truth really is.

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