Health 24, 2016

Journal: From what the guest speakers talked about, why is diversity important in society? Use at least five sentences.

Lesson: We reviewed what is diversity, and how each of us plays a role in diversity in our community. Then the students had time to work on their drug research project.

PE March 24, 2016

warm up: Students received their tests back and turned in their warm ups from Tuesday.

lesson: Students watched two short videos on how to perform a forehand and backhand throw of a frisbee. Then we went outside and practiced 10 each, then we played the game of frisbee.

Health March 22, 2016

Warm up: Teacher took role.

lesson: We had guest speakers today, they played a yarn game in which they introduced themselves, and talked about how diverse they are and where they come from. Then the class answered three questions about their partner, and answered them to the class, after they were done they made a ten line poem that they shared with the class that had ten lines describing themselves. The class finished up with solving a puzzle about diversity.

PE March 22, 2016

Warm up: Students wrote down two skills needed for ultimate frisbee, and then the students wrote down three skills for each skill.


students learn the rules about ultimate frisbee, and they learned how to play ultimate frisbee by watching the youtube video. Then as a class we went outside and practiced the skills for catching and throwing.

Health March 16, 2016

Journal: What are some of the consequences of smoking and using E-ciggs? please use at five sentences when explaining.

lesson: We talked about the drug research project, what was required and where can they get their information from, and where they can too if they have questions. Then we finished with our smoking project and activity and used straws to demonstrate how it affects them.

PE March 16, 2016

warm up:  Students turned in their journals/warm ups for this week and from last week and turned them in on the respected chair.

lesson: Today the students worked on their test which is ten questions long, with an extra credit questions. Then students finished the lesson by playing basketball, playing lightning, a game, 21, and horse.


Health March 14, 2016

Journal: Pick  two types of the four drug types and explain to me what they are in five sentences or more.

Objective: TSWBT write down the effects of tobacco and E-cigs.

Lesson: Today the students learned about the history of tobacco, causes, effects, and who does the tobacco company target and why. We also talked about E-cigs and what they are made of and how they are used along with the consequences with using a E-cig. Students also learned how nicotine works and its affects on the body.

PE March 14, 2016

Warm up: Write down the skill cues for passing and dribbling.

lesson:  Today we reviewed for the test on Wednesday, we talked about who invented basketball, some of the rules, skills, and skill cues. then the students played basketball.

Health March 10, 2016

Journal: Describe to me what a social, alcoholic, and problem drinker are in five sentences.

Lesson: We reviewed what we talked about last week, and defined very briefly what a social drinker, a problem drinker and what an alcoholic are. We talked about what they do and how they act and what makes them who they are. As a class, they took a test about stimulants, antidepressants,  opioids, and depressants. After the test the students defined each one, explained what it is used for, gave examples, and found one drug and explained what it does and which of the four categories it falls under.