Health triangle November 29, 2017

OBJ: TSWBT investigate mental health resources. 1.3d.

Journal: Define what abuse is and or make a list of examples in 4-5 sentences.

lesson: total health/health triangle

Students completed their journal and we did a brief review on what abuse is and what it may look like. from there we did a short power point presentation about the health triangle and students had time to complete two assignments to help them understand the health triangle and what falls into each category. The first assignment let them know how they were doing in their health triangle.


assignment: pg 8, real life issue, before you read, lesson assessment and write and define the vocabulary words.


project: Students are to complete ONLY part 1.


You will need at least 7 pictures for each part of the triangle, and explain 6 TOTAL pictures (2 from each part of the triangle) why they belong their.


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