Fit for Life December 12, 2016 Body composition

Obj: TSWBT identify the components of body composition and the factors that affect body composition.

Lesson: The students did some reading on body composition, the reading talked about the factors, what is BMI, height and weight. Students then worked on calculating their own BMI, and looking at where they fit according to the graph.

Aspire: N/A

Fit for life Muscular Endurance December 06, 2016

Objective: TSWBT perform tests for muscular endurance in four different stations.

Lesson: We talked about the different categories and ranges for a healthy zone for muscular endurance. We then spent the class period moving from station to station, and then they reflected upon what they achieved and what they could do to improve in the reflection area. The assignment was completed in class and turned in.

Aspire: Muscular endurance


Fit for Life strength of character November 28, 2016

Obj: TSWBT describe ways that they can build character within class.

Lesson: students worked in groups and defined what character is. They also discovered the six pillars what they can do in class to show those pillars with their actions. As a class we then talked about what muscular strength and muscular endurance. They discovered different ways to perform each of those components of health.


Muscular strength/endurance December 02, 2016

Objective: TSWBT demonstrate a understanding of how various populations use muscular strength.

Lesson: we reviewed about what muscular strength and endurance were and what it looks like. We then gather more information about how we can be specific about each of the two, either muscular strength or endurance. Students then worked on resistance type activities and which activities or sports cause resistance.

Aspire: N/A