Health Social skills May 23, 2016

Journal: Please write down a time when you have seen or used bad social skills and describe to me what could have been done differently. Use at least five sentences.

Objective: TSWBT create a comic using examples of bad social skills using at least five boxes.

Lesson: Students finished the movie “Elf” looking for examples of bad social skills, then students took some time to create their comic, either using examples from their own life, from the movie, and or creating one on their own.

PE Soccer May 23, 2016

lesson: Today the students played a game of soccer, using the skills of passing, dribbling and shooting. Using those skills during the game and they also practiced them during class as a warm up.

Health Social skills May 19, 2016

Journal: Describe to me a situation when you used bad social skills and explain to me what you could have done differently. Use at least five sentences.

Objective: TSWBT Create one comic using bad social skills.

Lesson: Students discussed what were bad and good social skills in different situations. Students were refreshed on and the good and bad social skills and students were asked to create a list of examples from the movie “Elf” and at the end of the lesson they created their comic.

PE Soccer May 19, 2016

Warm up: Students watched a short video clip explaining the rules on soccer and wrote down two rules that pertained to soccer.

lesson: Students played a game of soccer, they worked on their dribbling and passing during today. Students played small sided games of 7v7, or 6v6.

Health Calories/social skills May 17, 2016

Journal: What is the recommended daily calorie intake, and explain to me why is it important to watch your calorie intake.

Objective: TSWBT create one cartoon about social skills.

Lesson: Today students worked in how calories affect them and their daily lives. Students looked at their scheduled and examined how they hare handling their own calorie intake and what steps they need to take to work with burning off the calories that they have eaten. Then students talked about appropriate social skills and negative socials by creating lists of good and bad social skills during events such as school, parties, and eating out.


PE Soccer May 17, 2016

Lesson: Students watched a short clip from a baseball game and named five pieces of equipment used for safety. Then students were outside either dribbling, passing and or playing a game of soccer.

Health Calories May 13, 2016

Journal: Define physical activity, and tell me why some activities do not fall under physical activity.

Objective: TSWBT Write down their meal along with their respected calories.

Lesson: We collected and reviewed Monday’s lesson and made sure that students understood what physical activity means. Students then talked about calories, what activities burn the most calories, and what factors play a role in burning calories. Students then created their own meals from charts from common fast food restaurants, and discovered the amount of calories those items had.


PE Baseball May 13, 2016

Lesson: The students worked on their baseball test, we held a review at the beginning of class, and the students could ask any question before the test. The students then played basketball for the rest of the period.

Health Physical activity May 09, 2016

Journal: Name two or three kinds of accidents and explain to me in five sentences of what you can do to prevent it.

Objective: TSWBT Create an actiity with at least 10 rules.

Lesson: Today in Health defined what physical activity is and what are some physically active activities. Students also listed activities that are NOT included in being physically active and what are the requirements for any activity to be physical. Students were then passed out a rubric for them to create a game or a sport.