Link to Aspire

We are now beginning our sixth week into the school year and wonderful progress is being made in Science classes. All of the students are getting into the routine of things, and while some confusion remains, by and large most know now where to turn in their work and where to check their scores and missing work! Last week all students were given their own unique log in to the online gradebook Aspire. In their Advisory classes they are all checking their grades throughout the week.

For parents who do not yet know how to log in to Aspire, here are the instructions:

Go to the main school website:

Click on the Parent tab at the top and scroll in the popup menu and click on ASPIRE.

This will take you to the ASPIRE gradebook. You will be asked for your student’s ID. You will have to call the front office to obtain that number. Once you have the ID number the password will be the student’s birth date.

Periodically throughout the year, when you receive an email from teachers, it will have either a summary of the student’s grade or a link to access ASPIRE.

I would also suggest that parents, once in ASPIRE, click on the icon in the upper right side of the screen that reads “subscribe”. ASPIRE will automatically send daily or weekly updates to you. (I mentioned this in an earlier post as well.)