Health January 29, 2016

Journal: What emotion do you think is the hardest for you to control and why? Use 3-5 sentences.

class assignments: today in class we talked about the emotions, and what influences our emotions. We also talked about what we can control, we can control our actions, words, and behaviors. We finished with values, what they are, and what influences our values.

PE January 29, 2016

Journal: Write down the dimensions of the archery course.

Assignment: Since the gym was being use by the elementary students, we worked on group games; ie fruit game, who do you love, signs, etc.

Also  the class turned in their journals for this week. (4 points total)

Health January 27, 2016

Journal: Explain to me the difference between self-image and self-esteem. Use at least five sentences.

In class we talked about the different emotions that we can feel, but we also discussed how each person feels different emotions for the same situation. As a class we talked about healthful and harmful ways for dealing with our emotions.

Assignment: Students are to write 3-4 paragraphs that contain at least 3-5 sentences about a situation they encountered or a situation that they saw on either their favorite TV show or movie. they are to name the feelings or emotions during that situation, name all the helpful ways of dealing with those emotions, and also describe the harmful ways of dealing with those emotions.

PE January 27, 2016

Journal: Draw and label the archery course and the lines. NOT the distance.

Assignment: We talked about the grace when walking around school and respecting others. First period worked on shooting at the target, and second and third period worked on team games called Fruit, Who do you love?, and the Penny game. Starting next week will all be in the gym practicing archery.

Health January 25, 2016

topic: self-image

Journal: Define self-esteem in two to three sentences and write down this quote and explain to me what you think it means. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Eleanor Roosevelt.

In class we talked about self-image, how the students see themselves and how they believe they should behave, what they should wear, and how they should act. Students also discussed what portrays that kind of image that they see, and where they see it.

assignment name: J. Self-image

assignment rubric: students are looking at a character from their favorite TV show, or movie. They need the following:

1. 10 characteristics, or traits.

2. 3-5 sentences of how that character is portrayed as.

3. Name of Show.

4. Name of character.

PE January 25, 2016

Journal: please write down the four whistle commands and what they mean.

assignment or lesson: period one practiced shooting and going through the four whistle commands and how they are used when the students are shooting. Periods 2-3 worked on their targets by drawing, coloring, and putting a scoring system on their targets. After the students were given time for their targets as a class we worked on ice breakers.

Health January 21, 2016

Journal: Take out a piece of paper and write down what you want to learn in health. Complete in five sentences.

assignment (s):

1. Bingo, students completed out a chart that had people list the emotions that they used.

2. Positive and negative traits, students divided their paper into two columns, and listed the traits positive on one side and negative on the other side.

3. Classroom discussion about how emotions affect our self-image and what we can to help improve our self-image.

PE January 21, 2016

Today I collected the syllabus, and as a class we reviewed and completed the following about archery:

1. 11 skill cues used in archery and how to shoot.

2. The four whistle commands used when shooting in and during class.

3.  The layout of the archery course.

4. Then the students created their own target.

Health January 19, 2016

In class we covered the syllabus, which needs to be signed and turned in by this coming Monday January 25, 2016. Students need to sign it themselves and to have their parents sign and date it as well.

PE January 19, 2016

In class we covered the syllabus, which needs to be signed and turned in by this coming Thursday January 21, 2016. Students need to sign it themselves and to have their parents sign and date it as well.