Communication January 31, 2018

OBJ: TSWBT demonstrate effective communication skills. 1.4e

Journal: explain what self-image is AND OR write how you can build self-image in 4-5 sentences.

Lesson: Students had time to complete their journal, and I collect their syllabus if they still had not turned it in. Then we had a short discussion about self-image and how to rebuild it along with the difference between that and self-esteem. We then did a short story and a telephone game that en cooperated communication skills. After the telephone game we had a net smartz assembly which took the rest of the time, so we will finish effective communication next time.

Lesson: 1.3 intro to fitness

OBJ: 3.19 identify genetic influences on body types, sedentary lifestyle, diseases, muscle types, and rates of weight gain and loss.

Review: write down 10 life style activities and how they benefit us.

Lesson: we completed the review and then from their we discussed what are some of the life style activities. The students then read pages 9-12 and we talked about genes and how they influence our bodies in different ways.

Self-image January 29, 2018

OBJ:TSWBT identify ways to build resiliency. 1.2b

Journal: write what you have done to build someone else’s self-esteem in 4-5 sentences.

lesson: self-image

Students were given time to complete their journal, and we had some of the students share how to build self-esteem. A short activity was given about the “owl” game, in which students in pairs asked “whhooo” are you, and students gave different answers each time. Then students identified positive traits about themselves and created their own list on the backside. Then students had time to complete their assignment.

Project: Definition of resiliency, explain how it relates to self-image and how can you be resilient in self-image, and last how can you rebuild your self-image.

book assignment: pg. 72


1.2 Health puzzle intro. to fitness January 29, 2018

Obj: 3.23 Explain the role of nutrition in overall health and fitness.

Review: Draw and label each part of the triangle.

Lesson: 1.2, students completed the review and then they completed a puzzle. After they completed the puzzle we had a discussion about the “missing piece” and how it relates to your nutrition. Students then completed a puzzle and labeled 10 different pieces of their puzzle that pertained to nutrition. They were given time to complete their puzzle, add a picture, and color.

Self-esteem January 25, 2018

OBJ: TSWBT identify was to build self-esteem and their strength and weaknesses.

Journal: explain a time when you used a positive way to express an emotion in a positive way in 4-5 emotions.

Lesson: was on self-esteem, and the students first completed their journal, and a bingo game which identified different aspects of self-esteem among their peers. Then students completed an activity in which they practiced building self-esteem of their peers and they were given 20 minutes to complete their assignment.

project: 10 ways to build self-esteem, definition of self-esteem, explain a short story about self-esteem, and 10 ways to express emotions positively.


book assignment: real life issue, before you read, and lesson assessment 1-7.

Life style activity 1.2 January 25, 2018

OBJ: 3.8 analyze daily activities and various hold hold chores for their ability to provide function fitness benefits.

Review: explain what life style activities are and list 10 of them in 4-5 sentences.

Today students completed the review of what life style activities are, and they gave examples. From their students went into the gym and participated in a warm up activity (instant activity), and they completed stations from each of the six levels of the physical activity pyramid. Then students used a word document with three sections; activity, duration, and calorie expenditure using 10 life style activities to complete their objective.

January 23, 2018

Today the students completed their assignment with the puzzle, and then they were given two assignments that helped them get to know their text books more. They did a text book scavenger hunt and a pretest on health.

January 23, 2018

Review: write down what you remember/learned from the text book, and explain in 4-5 sentences.

Lesson: we talked about what students learned from the text book and or what they thought caught their attention. Students then read pages 3-7 in their text book, and as a class we discussed the pyramid and what activities belong in the life style activities. After which students took a pre test to test what they do know, then students were given time to complete their in class assignment.

Fit for Life January 19, 2018

OBJ: TSWBT discuss the benefits of physically active lifestyle as it relates to college/career productivity. 3.1

Review: write down why you think fit for life is important in 4-5 sentences.

Lesson: about the text book

  1. Review.
  2. Text book worksheet.
  3. Dice game.
  4. Complete the objective.
  5. Gym.

Students completed their journal and when they had finished it then The students worked on completing the worksheet about their text book to understand the layout of the book. When the students finished their worksheet they looked up how physical activity benefits them and how it helps the body. When there was a little time left over they played the dice game, and we did not get a chance to head into the gym for our last lesson.

Puzzle and Health January 19, 2018

OBJ: TSWBT identify positive ways to express emotions. 1.2a

Journal: make one new years resolution that will help you live a healthy life style and explain in 4-5 sentences.

Lesson: puzzle

  1. Journal
  2. Complete puzzle
  3. Complete puzzle assignment

Students completed their puzzle, and we had a discussion about how does completing a puzzle with a missing piece relate to health? Students were then given an assignment to complete and make their own puzzle with pieces that represent having a healthy life style. Rubric for this assignment is in the link.

puzzle rubric (1)