Depression November 29, 2016

Journal: What is depression, and explain some of the symptoms. Use at least 5-6 sentences.

OBJ: TSWBT Categorize 20 depression triggers from the selection of cards.

Lesson: The students finished categorizing their depression cards, and we then talked about some of the signs and symptoms. Students then created their own list of what some of the signs and symptoms are and talked about it within their group.

Aspire: N/A

Depression Nov 10, 2016


Objective: TSWBT describe depression and its symptoms in 3-4 sentences.

Lesson: we covered a slide show to see if we could see if we could find a person (by looking) who had depression. We then got into groups to discuss the following; recognizing depression, categorizing triggers for depression, and understanding what a person with depression might say and do.

assignment: Complete the categorizing of triggers for depression.

Sexting presentation Nov 10, 2016

I have asked Officer Child to give a presentation on the effects of “Sexting”. I have attached a permission slip for those parents who do not want their child to attend, and I have sent it home with the students. If they have lost it for some reason, it will be attached to this post. The date that he is coming is December 15, 2016. If you have any questions please feel free to ask or ┬ásend an email.


Stress management November 07, 2016

Objective: TSWBT List different types of stress under acute and chronic stress.

Lesson: Today we finished two more presentations, and then we moved onto stress management. As a class we discussed what stress is, and then I gave an example about stress and how it affected me physically, mentally, and socially. For their assignment they were to make a mind about about the stressful situations from their lives, and then list the symptoms that they experienced.

assignment aspire: N/A

Flexibility November 03, 2016

Gather information: a discussion was lead about what is flexibility and do students think that they are flexible or not and why.

Lesson: students either read by themselves or with a small group, and they answered these questions;

  1. What is range of motion?
  2. How do you perform a PNF stretch?
  3. What would you do in the example story you read about?
  4. List as many joints as you can.

After that students listed the different joints and the plans that they crossed.


Fit for Life Modified ultimate tournament

Instant activity: Students will pass the frisbee around back and forth between pairs or a group of three.

Lesson: review the objective (demonstrate honesty, fairness, and cooperation by following rules and working out disputes with competitors.) and then we played a game of ultimate frisbee as a class. We then were supposed to modify some of the rules of the game but we ran out of time.

Debrief: What did they like about the game, what could have been changed, and what could be done next time during the game.

assignment: lesson objective, did they demonstrate this during class. Points were deducted when the objective was not met in whole or in parts.