Healthy weight November 02, 2017

OBJ: Explain short and long term affects of poor nutrition and inactivity.


Journal: write down what you learned from previous period AND OR explain why it is important to read a food label in 4-5 sentences.

Lesson: Students completed their journal, and we talked about the 7 nutrients that are important. Students then watched a short video in the link below;

then students were given their assignments.

assignments: Book pg 290; real life issue, before you read, assessment 1-5.



  1. Find two diets and explain how they affect maintaining or losing weight?
  2. Write down how much exercise you need to maintain a healthy weight? List some exercises (four) and for how long you need to perform those exercises.
  3. Compare and contrast two meals that are the same but of different sizes? What did you find? Explain how this would impact maintaining a healthy weight.
  4. Find six positive benefits for eating breakfast and explain your answer. (at least six sentences)
  5. Explain how establishing a healthy sleep pattern helps you maintain a healthy weight in 5 sentences.
  6. List six ways to motivate yourself to exercise and eat healthy.
  7. Describe how drinking more water will help you maintain a healthy weight.

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