Fit For Life active sports

OBJ: 5.5 research sports and activities of other cultures.

Review: explain in 4-5 sentences what active aerobics is.

Lesson: students had time to complete their review, and each student was able to move at their own pace. We in small groups had discussions between the difference between active sports and active recreation and they put activities for each on the board. Students then had time to complete an in class assignment.

sport research assignment

Depression March 26

OBJ:TSWBT review types of mental disorders 1.3a

Journal: write down what you learned from previous presentations AND OR write down something you would like to know more about in 4-5 sentences.

lesson: Today was the last day for student presentations, and students completed their journal before the last two presenters. After the two presentations we talked about Depression, how can you tell who has depression, what would someone say and do who has depression. We will finish this lesson on Wednesday. The assignment today students wrote down the definition of depression, 2-3 symptoms, 2-3 causes of depression, and write down what someone would do who has depression.

Pacer test March 26

OBJ: Identify the effects of environment conditions on activity performance. 4.6

Review: explain why it is important to have good stability and balance in ANY exercise in 4-5 sentences.

Lesson: Students were given time to complete their review and we did a quick reminder of what we talked about last time for balance and stability. As a class we went over some environmental conditions that affect physical activity. After which we took some time to do the Pacer Test and students recorded their information. After the test students took some time to write about how weather conditions impact physical activity and the body.

Alcohol March 01, 2018

OBJ TSWBT: explain the difference between social, problem, and alcoholic drinker.

Journal: Write down what you learned about your current drug you are researching in 4-5 sentences.

Lesson: Students completed their journal and shared what they are learning about, facts, street names, laws, etc. Then students defined in small groups what a social drinker, problem drinker, and an alcoholic. After they shared their definitions they listened to the song by Ellis PaulĀ All Things Being the SameĀ twice, once just listening and once with the lyrics. Then as a class we put short term definitions on the board and categorized them under the three topics.

assignment: students completed their past assignment and if they finished they wrote a paragraph on each of the three topics alcoholic, problem drinker, and social drinker.