Health November 20, 2015

1. discuss situations that require social skills, i.e. classroom, dates, dinner table.

2. watch the film elf. (assignment name- social skills)

3. while watching the film Elf we completed the following.

A)describe the scene of Buddies incorrect social behavior.

B) Name the incorrect social behavior that he performed.

C) Tell me the correct behavior should have been used.

PE November 20, 2015

1. Take the lacrosse test

2. Turn in lacrosse notes (notes included skill cues for collecting a ground ball, and explaining which unit you would like to start next, archery, or volleyball.)

Health November 18, 2015

Journal: Write down what you remember from Monday’s lesson in five sentences.

Health: we talked about teen dating abuse. we covered the following;

1.Definitions of abuse and types of abuse.

2. People involved, and defined the roles of the abuser, target, and bystander.

3.Where can they go for help, and what should they do in these situations.

PE November 18, 2015

written: review the field layout, and positions on the field.

Warm up: two activities

1. leap frog: students are to pass the lacrosse ball between partners and to reach the other cone without dropping the ball.

2.Draw: students are to practice the “draw” that starts off a lacrosse game five times.

games: two games

1. students will be allowed to play a lacrosse game

2. knock out: students are to try and knock out the lacrosse ball from their classmates by using foam noodles.

Health November 16, 2015

Journal: name a personal conflict that you have and name one conflict that deals with any current issues. describe that situation to me.

students talked about conflicts and defined how each person reacts to a conflict.





students talked about conflicts in today’s world, what were some of the issues and what could be some of the solutions. Students also watched What Would You Do? and provided answers to each of the four ways to handle a conflict during the show.

PE November 16, 2015

Review: The class listed the three skill cues for a ground scoop.

Warm up: Three activities, these activities are listed below.

1. leap frog (students practiced throwing and catching while moving towards a goal.)

2. Dog fights (students started from the ground)

3. Ground scoops, students practiced this five times.

Games: two games

1. a lacrosse game

2. Collection race

PE and Health

TBI, class room discussion on causes and effects and what TBI is (traumatic brain injury). Signs and symptoms were shown and how TBI is displayed in the brain. Activities were used to help students understand the symptoms of a TBI and what it would feel like for someone with TBI to experience any normal situation in life. This was done for both PE and Health.

Health Nov. 12, 2015

Journal: explain to me what a hurtful relationship looks like in five sentences. In those five sentences give me at least three traits what they look like.

As a class we completed two worksheets and looked at the different areas of abuse, what are some of the signs and what are some of the examples of those different types of abuse.

Use the link below to answer the worksheet on Page two of the document. (do not use the scenes on page one)

hurtful relationships scenerios


PE Nov. 12, 2015

written assignment: draw and label the lacrosse field with the players. (Tuesday was write and label the parts of a lacrosse stick.)

warm up:

1 ground ball

2. dog fights

3. throw and catch the lacrosse ball


1. speed

2. mini game of lacrosse

Health November 10, 2015

Unhealthy relationships

As a class we defined what is a healthy relationship and what is a unhealthy relationship. What are some characteristics of an unhealthy relationship and what is the difference. As a class we listed qualities of an unhealthy relationship, and we went over scenes of different situations of healthy and unhealthy relationships and what made them that way.

Please write me three situations that demonstrate a unhealthy relationship, and list these traits.