6.1 flexibility

Review: write down the five components of health related fitness and give a definition of each one.

Lesson: students were given time to complete their their review and we discussed each component of health related fitness. We talked about how today we are going over flexibility where does that fall under the five components of health related fitness. After the discussion we practiced the pacer test with the students, and did some cool down stretching to give some examples of how flexibility works and why it is important. After the pacer test we had a short lesson on joints and how they are apart of flexibility. Students then had time to complete an in class assignment, identifying joints, and where they are on the body.


Benefits of active sports April 12, 2018

Review: list one energy system used in your body and explain it in at least two sentences.

Lesson: 5.3 benefits of active sports

Today was sage testing for some of my students but not all of them. Those students who were here completed a review about energy systems and what some of them are and do in the body. Students were then given time to read pages 58-62 that talked about velocity, acceleration, and deceleration. Those who finished their reading early worked in groups on a worksheet together about some of the benefits. The students who finished that lesson moved onto velocity, and acceleration small group lessons and work.

assignments were the velocity worksheet, and benefits of active sports worksheet.


Energy systems April 10, 2018

OBJ: TSWBT Identify different energy systems used in selected physical activity. 3.10

Review: explain the difference between active sports and active recreation in 4-5 sentences.

Lesson: 5.2 active sports

  1. review
  2. discussion
  3. instant activity
  4. frisbee stations.

Student completed a review about a previous lesson the week before spring break to help them get back on track about what we are talking about. From there we had a small discussion about different energy systems and what how each one is used in the body. For example we talked about latic acid and how it is used as energy. Students were then given time to complete a sport with a frisbee and after the activity students had time in class to complete their objective by looking and researching different energy systems.