Cyber bullying December 05, 2017

OBJ: TSWBT identify abusive behavior (4.3a, 1.4c)

Journal: Make a list of unintentional injuries, AND OR explain how to avoid unintentional injuries in 4-5 sentences.

Lesson: students were given time to complete their journal, and we talked about different ways accidents can happen. Then students were given time to read an article titled “Bullied into Suicide” in the Peoples magazine. We then had a short discussion about what is cyber bullying and what they learned from the article.

Book assignment: pg. 729, real life issue, before you read, lesson assessment and the vocabulary words.


project: Definition of cyber bullying, list ten phrases of cyber bullying, explain the difference of face to face bullying and cyber bullying, write a paragraph of the consequences of cyber bullying.

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