PE Baseball April 28 2016

Warm up: Write the three skill cues for throwing.

Lesson: We reviewed the skill cues for throwing again, added skill cues for catching which are  the following; knees bent, “w” or diamond, follow in. Students also learned the layout of the field with the positions, and then students played a game but with the wind we added kick ball to help students with eye to hand coordination.

Health (Abuse) April 26, 2016

Journal: Describe to me one conflict you have had, what you did, and what would have been the best way to solve it, using at least five sentences.

Student Objective: TSWBT Define two to three aspects of dating violence in five or more sentence each.

Lesson: Teacher passed out and collected the study guides, and we finished conflicts by finishing the episode of What Would You Do and describing those conflicts. Then we discussed what Teen Dating violence is by reading a short story and  brain storming one word definitions by writing them on the board. Students then wrote down their own definitions, after which Students came up with their types of  violence and what that violence looks like.

PE April 26, 2016

Warm up: Write down one rule in a baseball game.

Lesson: students learned how to throw a baseball, or any other ball using three skill cues, step, bow and arrow, and then follow through. Students then practiced in small groups of two or three. Then students used those skills during the game.


Health April 20, 2016

Journal: Describe to me what makes a healthy relationship, and what are some attributes that belong in a healthy relationship.

Objective: TSWBT describe ten ways to resolve conflicts in a positive way.

Lesson: Passed out the study guide for this week, and we answered six questions about “conflicts”, we discussed the difference between conflict and violence, and what are some ways to resolve any kind of conflict. Students then watched WWYD, and they described the different conflicts, and how they would solve that conflict in a positive manner.

PE April 20, 2016

Warm Up: students watched the rules of baseball from a you tube clip and we went over what a foul ball is, and how many strikes there are per batter.

Lesson: We played a game of softball, rules are that students are to throw underhand when they are playing the pitcher.

Health April 18, 2016

Journal: Describe to me a stressful situation and did you use a relaxation technique? If not would it have helped?

Student Objective: TSWBT make a list of ten traits of a positive and negative relationship respectfully.

Lesson: Students created a list of attributes of a healthy relationship and defined these key word. Each student took a turn writing down a word that is a part of a healthy relationship, and students also wrote down words that related to a unhealthy relationship. Students then created a list on their own of what they wanted for a healthy relationship, and then they compared them to their friends to see and look at the differences.

PE April 18, 2016

Today in Physical Education we did the ultimate frisbee test, after that the students played softball, then they split up into two different teams and finished the period with ultimate frisbee.

Health April 14, 2016

Journal: Make two lists one list of things that cause stress (list ten ways) and another list  of ten ways to reduce stress.

Objective: TSWBT Write two paragraphs (five sentences each at least) explaining if these activities helped reduce your stress and explain how.

Lesson: Today the students learned and list ways that cause stress and came up ways that can help reduce stress. We talked about what can cause stress that may lead to depression, in which we discussed ways of reducing that stress. So today in class we learned about Guided relaxation and Guided imagery relaxation walk through that students participated in.

PE April 14, 2016

Warm up: Write down two rules for ultimate frisbee.

Lesson: Students practiced their forehand and backhand along with their two handed catch, and pancake catch. Students  then played an actual game in which they used their skills they had been practicing. There is a test on Monday on ultimate frisbee and its rules.


Health April 12, 2016

Journal: Explain to me how people get caught sexting from Jason Child’s presentation, use at least five sentences.

Objective: TSWBT write down three ways that cause depression in each category socially, physically, and psychologically.

Lesson: We reviewed what Mr. Child talked about during his presentation, and then the students presented their information that they had obtained on their drug. As a class we then finished the depression presentation talking about what are some of the causes and what we can do to help someone who has depression.