Jr. High Fees

Hello MMA Parents,

Below are links designed to help give you payment options and information about Jr. High Fees. This year the fees come to the total of $195, if you follow the bottom link you will be able to see the break down of where the money is benefiting. If you need to set up a payment plan or a fee waiver there are files attached that you can complete and turn it in to the main office. If you have any questions please feel free to send Ms. Jessica an email.

Payment Plan Agreement-Jr High Student Fees

Fee Waiver Application (2015-2016)



Thank You!

Ropes Course Field Trip

Dear MMA Families,

Our experience on the Ropes course last week was amazing! We watched and encouraged your students to new levels. They were able to stretch themselves physically and mentally far beyond what they thought was possible. We would love for you to be able to share in their experiences so please fallow this link to our YouTube video:


Thank you for your support in helping make this trip a success.


Dear Parent or Student,

Get your pictures in the yearbook! The Yearbook Staff invites students and parents to submit photos for the yearbook. If you’ve got great photos of school and community events or you and your friends just having fun, we’d like to see them. Our photographers can’t be everywhere. Help us get as many photos as possible to create a terrific book everyone will want to have.

Here is how you can submit photos online:
• Go to: https://images.memoryebooks.com/login
• If it does not automatically log you into the site, enter username: 402723601
• Browse to select the photo(s) you wish to upload.
• Enter information about the photo and provide contact information in case the staff needs additional information.
• Click “Save Details”.

It’s that easy! Submit your photos today! The last day to submit photos is 04/20/2016.

Thank you, and enjoy the rest of the school year!

Yearbook Adviser and the 2016 Yearbook Staff.

The Yearbook Staff will review all photos and determine final yearbook content. We cannot guarantee that all submissions can be used in the book.

Thunderstorms ahead, Field trip rescheduled for Thursday and Friday

thunderAttention MMAJH!  There is a 60% chance of thunderstorms ahead tomorrow.  If it was just rain, we would proceed, but the thunder is a problem.  Clas Ropes course is going to facilitate one additional group on Thursday (Ms. Fallon’s house will move to this day) and Friday (Ms. Jessi’s house will move to this day).

Please see to the blog for an update on information.  I’ve sorted through many of the rides and have managed to re-route most students to their proper day.  However, I could use another driver on Thursday.  Contact me if you are a certified driver and would like help filling up your car. http://www.wejoinin.com/sheets/knlli

Students from Fallon and Jessi will need a new permission slip signed so that we can confirm that parents give their permission for the date change.  The consent form and liability form stand.  Here is the link to the permission slip:

Field Trip Parental Permission



Ms. Emily

Pictures of MMAJH Adventures

Annaston Staining

Annaston, a new student to MMAJH leads out in the service project

Don and Aldridge

Don and Aldridge totally focused

Wax on....Wax off

Wax on….Wax off

Ms Jessi Staining

Welcome to MMAJH Ms Jessi !

Tyla is amazingly happy so early in the morning

Tyla is amazingly happy so early in the morning

Brannock Staining

Fearlessly climbing to staggering heights, Brannock is as calm as a cucumber

Staining Group2

These students are very serious about getting a head start on their 10 hours of required service. BAM!!!



Student Emails

At MMAJH we strive to help students learn to collaborate and utilize technological tools made safe through our Google for Education account.  Each student is assigned a gmail account which gives them access to tools such as Gmail, Google Documents, Google Presentations, Google Calendar, and more!

The purpose of this email is to inform students and parents that the format for the school email has been changed for returning students.  The new format is:

first initial last name@mmalions.org

For example if my name were George Washington, my email would be:                     gwashington@mmalions.org

I will be distributing the password to establish the account on Monday and Tuesday. If you would like the password before then, just email me at egoddard@mariamontessoriacademy.org and I will email it to you your password.

Ms. Emily

MMA Annual 5K run and Pancake Breakfast

MMA Families,

It is time for the annual 5K run and pancake breakfast fundraiser for the Redwoods. These events will be held on September 19th at MMA School grounds. The 5K run will start at 8:00 am and the Breakfast will start at 9:00 am. All of the proceeds will go to 6th graders for their field trip to the Redwoods. We look forward to seeing you there.

5k prices:  Pre-registration to get a t-shirt, orders must be in by September 3

  • $15 per person w/ shirt
  • Day of Registration or after September 3, $10 w/ out a shirt
  • Family of 4 or more $45 (only 4 shirts)
  • Day of Registration or after September 3, Family of 4 or more $45 (no shirts)

Breakfast prices:  $6 for 12+ age, $3 for 11 and younger, pay at the event.

Microsoft Word - MMA 5K READY FOR PRINT.doc Microsoft Word - MMA 5K READY FOR PRINT.doc

Thank you for all of your continued support!

First Week

The teachers and staff at MMAJH want to acknowledge you students for your fine work this week.  It’s been a full week of new classes, teachers, and experiences.  We have read through MANY syllabi and have enjoyed even more team building exercises.  Next week, when we have regular scheduled classes, will help us all settle into a rhythm.  On Monday, students should report to their B1 class.  Tuesday, students will report to their A1 class.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are the days we will spend as a house.  During this time students will accomplish work for all their classes with the support of their advisers, unless they are up at the Ropes Course.
Here is a reminder of who goes on what days:
Wednesday: Ms. Fallon’s house & Ms Jessi’s house
Thursday: Mr. Rob’s house & Ms. Marie’s house
Friday: Ms. Kat’s house & Ms. Emily’s house

Mr. Casey will also be attending all three days so that we have a consistent teacher present.  We also have parent chaperons attending.  Remember the pick up time has changed to 1 pm. Please come prepared with a cold lunch, water bottle, hat/sunscreen/sunglasses/ and closed toed shoes that are comfortable in which to hike.

As I have chatted with you students, most of you have made transportation arrangements. Way to think ahead and be responsible.  If for some reason you are unable to make these arrangements for your assigned day you may join an advisory house that is stay and continue with your studies for the day.


Final Call For Clas Ropes Course Fieldtrip

Attention!  Friday morning, 9am, will be the cut off for the permission slips.  Those who do not have a slip in will not be going next week.  We need a firm count to then cut the check for the Clas Ropes course.  Also, please note that pick up time has been moved to 1 pm.  We ask that students be prepared with a cold lunch that they can access at any time during the event.  It would be great if students had a pack of some sort that can hold their water bottle and lunch.

Wednesday’s group has an additional carpool that recently opened up.  Click here to view the available slots: http://www.wejoinin.com/sheets/knlli

Also, please encourage your student to bring a snack.  They are getting hunger pains before our lunch time of 12:36.

Here is a link to the paperwork in case you need to re-print any of the documents:



Welcome Back to School!

Welcome Hawks to the 2014-2015 School Year!

Welcome back to school MMA Jr. High students and family. We are excited for a new year full of fun, growth, and challenges. Monday August 17th will be the first day of school. The first whole week of school will all be half days which means class will be dismissed at 1:00 pm. If you still are in need of the supply list here it is:

To be kept with student:

Students are expected to bring their own pencil, eraser and pen to class

Back pack (many students like the packs with wheels)

Composition book (not a spiral notebook) for math

Composition book for Utah Studies (7th & 8th) or Geography (Freshman)

Composition book for peer mentor (applies only to those in peer mentor)

2 pocket folder (no center fastener, just 2 pockets) for math

Box of colored pencils

3 inch, 3 ring binder to be used for portfolio (note 8th grade & freshman students already have this supply housed at the school)

2 packages of notebook dividers or 16+ adhesive divider tabs

1 package of page protectors

2 inch, 3 ring binder (this will be your working binder for all your classes, some students may already have this)

Water bottle

Mess Kit for outings and special in-school activities (does not need to be camping kit.  Can simply be a collection of a plate, fork, spoon, cup, bowl). Keep this at home until needed.

Labeled water bottle (we do not have drinking fountains, but sinks in the portables)

To be turned in for community use :

2 package of lined notebook paper

We can’t wait to see you Monday!