Pictures of MMAJH Adventures

Annaston Staining

Annaston, a new student to MMAJH leads out in the service project

Don and Aldridge

Don and Aldridge totally focused

Wax on....Wax off

Wax on….Wax off

Ms Jessi Staining

Welcome to MMAJH Ms Jessi !

Tyla is amazingly happy so early in the morning

Tyla is amazingly happy so early in the morning

Brannock Staining

Fearlessly climbing to staggering heights, Brannock is as calm as a cucumber

Staining Group2

These students are very serious about getting a head start on their 10 hours of required service. BAM!!!



Jr High Social Staining Event

Saturday, August 15 we are gathering as a jr high to paint the playground equipment, so wear your grungiest clothes.  We are meeting at 8:30am (so we don’t fry in the heat of the sun) at the playground.  We also have received word that we can move all the picnic tables from the ‘outdoor classroom’ to establish a lunch area outside near the portables.  We will need some keen eyes to see how best to set up these tables.  If you have any questions email Ms. Jessi or Ms Emily photo Aldridge, we will be paying royalties since we are using your picture from last year’s staining event.

Friday “Snowflake” fun

Lunch on the hill.


Then, a challenge: can you design and build a structure out of one sheet of paper that is strong enough to hold up a large book?


Shad, Isaac, and Brannock can stack twenty books and two binders on their structure!IMG_3515 IMG_3519 IMG_3508 IMG_3502

Ciarra, if there’s tape on your mouth, how are you going to share ideas with your group?IMG_3511


I love Fridays!

–Ms. Kat