Announcing the First Field Trip of the Year

This year you will be part of an Advisory house, which will be a mixture of 7th, 8th & freshman.  You will be attending Clas Ropes in Eden.

We are working with certified drivers to arrange transportation to and from this event and will be providing a We Join In link so that you may sign up for your given day;

Wednesday August 26 – Ms. Fallon & Ms. Jessi
Thursday August 27 – Mr. Rob & Ms. Marie
Friday August 28 – Ms. Kat & Ms Emily

We will gather at the course 8:45 am and begin the adventure at 9 am.  Parents & carpools will be excused after 12:30.

Permission slips will need to be returned signed by August 19th, the third day of school.  Feel free to print out your slips here and return them earlier if you wish.  Those who do not have slips turned in by the proper date will remain at the school for a regular day.

Once over the North Ogden divide take a LEFT on 3300 East. Drive on 3300 East for a while (less than 2 miles) until you see North Fork Road. Turn LEFT onto North Fork Road. You will be on North Fork Road for about 3 miles. Do NOT turn into the Ben Lomond “Trailhead” (Wait for the Cutler Flats Gate). Among other things, you will pass Lauren Lane, a Middle Gate for Ben Lomond, and a Lamondi Stake Camp. Once you see the Cutler Flats Gate, turn LEFT onto that trail-head. On this road, go about .6 miles, passing a solar panel on your right, etc.  You will come to a fork in the road and a sign.  Turn LEFT at the little sign. the next sign you come to, turn RIGHT through the red fence we have opened for you.  You will know you have arrived at our Eden Course when you see a concrete square building – our bathrooms, as well as a gray and green round pavilion.

Field Trip Consent
Field Trip Liability
Field Trip Parental Permission (Please add the correct date for your visit)
Waiver Forms 2013 (This form is from the Clas Ropes Company)


carpool clipartClick the carpool graphic or click here to go to the We Join In link to reserve a seat:

North Shore Pool Party

Things are really in motion at MMAjr! Hopefully you have all received your class schedules.  The new portable is in place, new teachers are settling in, and the lizards are returning to their yurt habitat.

At the North Shore Pool Party we have a fundraising opportunity!
Pool Party 2015 MMA 1 (1)

We will be selling root beer floats and t-shirts.  I need volunteers to help set up, clean up and people to run our ‘booth’ in 30 minute increments.  It’s a great spot to see everyone in attendance! Parents are welcome to help as well.  This volunteer time does qualify for the required service so take advantage!

Email Ms Emily to book a time that works best for you!