The Front Field Trip Reminder

Maria Montessori Academy Junior High

Field Experience on Thursday, August 28th

at The Front Climbing Club

225 20th Street, Ogden, Utah

 The lead instructor is Ms. Kevi (801) 332-9178 or

Our Schedule
  • 8:50 a.m. – Guardians drop student off at The Front Climbing Club
  • 9:00 a.m. – Attendance is taken.  We enter the facility.
  • In assigned groups, you will rotate through the adventures in rock climbing, bouldering, and yoga
    • 9:00- 10:30.- Rotation 1
    • 10:30-11:30 – Rotation 2
  • 12:00-12:30  – Lunch
    • 12:30- 2:00 p.m. – Rotation 3
  • 2:15p.m. – Guardian pick students up from The Front Climbing Club
What you will need to wear or bring
  • Comfortable, modest clothing
  • Athletic shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Sack lunch
  • Any fresh fruit or veggie snack you desire
  • A smile
Who to contact about carpools
  • Please give them plenty of notice so that all students can enjoy this experience.
    • Melinda Montgomery- (801) 695-6188 – []
    • Jeanne Smith –  (801) 920-3045

Parent Volunteers / Certified Drivers

Dear Parents,

MMA would like to offer you a great volunteer opportunity to help your child’s class by becoming a certified parent driver. This certification is good for 6 years.

We appreciate parents who become certified to drive students on class field trips. Having parent drivers allows classes to stretch their field trip funds by avoiding bussing costs. This can allow for more field trip opportunities for the kids.

Please click the link below for more info.


A Friendly Reminder and a Knot How To

Hello MMAJH Parents,


We are sending home any permission slips that have any missing signatures.  They need to be complete for your child to be able to attend Thursday’s field trip.  PLEASE ask your student if they have brought something home for you to review.  We want everyone involved in this adventure!


Ms. Kevi


Now,  Hello MMAJH Students,


You must turn in your permission slips before you go to your first class.  Place them in the Student Basket, on Ms. Jaime’s desk.  Let’s get ready to play.


Here is a link to help you practice your belaying knot.  Please practice this at home. The video show a fisherman’s knot at the end.  You do not have to do that knot.


The B-Schedule Students had the opportunity to work on their skills today.  All A-Schedule Students will practice this tomorrow.  The rope, and I, will be available during lunch tomorrow.


Now, here is a fun link of an amazing climb.–wHJZVAE


See you all tomorrow.


Ms. Kevi

Schedule Change for The Front field Trip

Dear MMA Junior High Parent,

It has come to my attention (one day too late) that there is a scheduling issue.  Our trip to The Front Climbing Club will not be on Friday.  It will be on Thursday, August 28th.  Everything else is correct.

If you have already signed the numerous, consent forms and already returned them, thank you!  Please sign and have your student sign the Date Change Acknowledgement form.

Attached is also the  The Front Participant and Liability Agreement -Ogden .  Again, please sign both and return them in the time allotted.

You are still expected to either drop-off and pick your student up, or you will need to set up carpool plans. Thank you for sharing your child with us, allowing them to have these adventures, and your patience with me.


Ms. Kevi  (Your fearless/fearful leader)

The Front Field Trip & Student Fees!

Jr High students were sent home with permission slips for our first Field Trip at The Front Climbing Club. This will take place on Thursday, August 28th.

Permission Slip Forms must be returned as quickly as possible (Prior to 3 days of the trip). We are unable to accept permission  slips the day before or the day of the trip. The student will have to stay at the school with another assigned teacher. This will be standard for all field trips throughout the year.

If you need the forms for The Front, you can print them off from the links below. Please make sure every area is signed before it is returned.

The Front Info                                                                                                                                The Front Permission Slip (Sign & Return)                                                                            The Front Consent Form (Sign & Return)                                                                         The Front Liability Form (Sign & Return)                                                                        The Front Participant and Liability Agreement -Ogden (Sign & Return)                      Date Change Acknowledgement  (Sign & Return)

Details: Please arrange to drop your child off at 225 20th Street, Ogden, Utah at 8:50am on Thursday, August 28, 2014. The students will learn some of the skills and techniques of leadership through rock climbing. Each student will receive an orientation to the facility, learn the terminology and about the gear used by climbers and belayers. They will experience the role of climber and supporter. Students learn to support and encourage one another. Parents will be responsible for transportation to and from The Front Climbing Club. Students will need to be picked up at 2:15pm.

We do have some wonderful parents who are Certified Drivers & have volunteered to help arrange some carpool. It is not through the school. Please give them plenty of notice so that all students can enjoy this experience.  Melinda Montgomery- (801) 695-6188 – []              Jeanne Smith –  (801) 920-3045

Please note that all Jr High student fees MUST  be paid to MMA’s front office prior to August 25th in order to participate. Thank you!!

We’re looking forward to this fun experience.