Final Call For Clas Ropes Course Fieldtrip

Attention!  Friday morning, 9am, will be the cut off for the permission slips.  Those who do not have a slip in will not be going next week.  We need a firm count to then cut the check for the Clas Ropes course.  Also, please note that pick up time has been moved to 1 pm.  We ask that students be prepared with a cold lunch that they can access at any time during the event.  It would be great if students had a pack of some sort that can hold their water bottle and lunch.

Wednesday’s group has an additional carpool that recently opened up.  Click here to view the available slots:

Also, please encourage your student to bring a snack.  They are getting hunger pains before our lunch time of 12:36.

Here is a link to the paperwork in case you need to re-print any of the documents:


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