Menu for Environmental Trip

centerThe students have been working on portion sizes, selecting healthy balanced meals and working with a budget.  I wanted to publish the menu and post a way for parents to contribute.  Here is the list of items we will be purchasing.  If you look through our list and see something you would like to send just sign your name up at the link below and we will cross it off our list.

April 9 Eat a hearty breakfast at home
Lunch: Nacho Bar (seasoned hamburger, re-fried beans, toppings) milk
Dinner: Potato Bar (anything left over from Nacho Bar + chili, broccoli, chili), salad, water
Snack: Peach crisp and vanilla ice cream

Snack: banana, some kind of graham cracker deal

April 10Breakfast: Breakfast burritos (tortillas, scrambled eggs, salsa, cheese), cup of fruit, milk & apple juice
Lunch: Chicken noodle soup, cheddar veggie soup, 2 rolls, fruit, milk

Dear CTE students,

Dear 7th graders,

smoothieToday you had your Blend Tec trials. I am writing to express how proud I feel at your independence and team work. You were innovative when items were forgotten, you worked well as team players, and you made some incredible inventions. (I am currently eating the potato soup. YUM!) I hope all had a good time. If you have suggestions for trying this activity out one more time before the year is out post them here.

Ms. Emily

Blend Tec Trials

eraseOn Wednesday March, 26 CTE will be EXPLORING what our Blend Tec blenders can do.  Each small group has selected 2-3 recipes to try.  They are responsible to work as a group to ’round-up’ needed supplies and ingredients.  If there are any concerns with providing needed supplies or ingredients contact Ms. Emily) Students should have supplies to the school by Tuesday March, 25th.  They will be given time on Tuesday to make final preparations and last minute adjustments.   (Green Mango Madness, Orange Julius) (Carla, Shad & Luke) (Isaac, Elyse, Therese, Kaydree) (Abby, Destiny, Arianne, Gabe) (Hyrum, Lancer, Mason, Conner, Spenser) (Top Secret clearance needed for this link) (Aspen, Jackson, Carter, & Navie) (John, Katie, Kaylee, & Payton) (Sarah, Zach, & Noah) (Thomas, Levi, Lily, & Olivia) (Kyler, Ciarra, Bellia, Maliyah)


March 10-14

Dance Card 3Tuesday:  PE finish filling out dance cards for dances 4,5,6,7&8. (Everyone together)

CTE: Finish filling out ‘Charting Your Future’ & make assignments for garden prep and setting up outdoor classroom.


Wednesay: Ms. Emily is attending a conference so students can choose Personal World time or free choice time in the sunshine. CTE class time will be used to execute the assignments given the previous day.  Students may want to dress to be working in the dirt.  We will be leveling the outdoor classroom and could use a few extra sturdy rakes.

Healthy Relationships Discussion will take place in the library from 1-2:30.

Thursday: trout -click on the trout to get a link to a map to the trout farm-

Parents are in charge of getting their students to and from the trout farm.  If you need help with driving arrangements contact Melinda Montgomery, our wonderful room parent, at

Students can be dropped off between 8:30 & 8:45.  Please plan to pick them up by 2:45.  The cost of the field trip is 3$ which the students will be paying individually directly to the trout farm to cover the cost of fishing privileges.  No fishing license is needed.

We will be observing how the trout farm raises fish and connecting their system to the life cycle of fish, catching a fish, dissecting and studying it’s anatomy, grilling the meat and utilizing the beautiful iridescent skin for an art project.

trout farm

Friday:  NO SCHOOL!  (It’s a professional development day, but feel free to drop off chocolate dipped strawberries if you find yourself bored without school)

Four P’s of Marketing


pppp4 P’s of marketing

marketingWK You will have class time on Tuesday to complete this guide which will be due on Wednesday. Use the link above to access the PowerPoint presentation.

Commercial Homework Practice identifying marketing strategies, due Friday.

Wednesday:  Market Trivia Game

Thursday: Searching Occupations

Friday: Ms. Valeri will be teaching “Making Informed Career Choices”




Assembling tables for our outdoor classroom


Team work!


Mission accomplished


Cody running the show


Weber County Sheriff’s Office learning about what it takes to work in forensics

photo 2-1

Running races at the Pinewood Speedway


Waiting for our ship to sail

Remember that your yellow reflection packet is due on Monday.  tables7tables5tables4bus4