First Week

The teachers and staff at MMAJH want to acknowledge you students for your fine work this week.  It’s been a full week of new classes, teachers, and experiences.  We have read through MANY syllabi and have enjoyed even more team building exercises.  Next week, when we have regular scheduled classes, will help us all settle into a rhythm.  On Monday, students should report to their B1 class.  Tuesday, students will report to their A1 class.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are the days we will spend as a house.  During this time students will accomplish work for all their classes with the support of their advisers, unless they are up at the Ropes Course.
Here is a reminder of who goes on what days:
Wednesday: Ms. Fallon’s house & Ms Jessi’s house
Thursday: Mr. Rob’s house & Ms. Marie’s house
Friday: Ms. Kat’s house & Ms. Emily’s house

Mr. Casey will also be attending all three days so that we have a consistent teacher present.  We also have parent chaperons attending.  Remember the pick up time has changed to 1 pm. Please come prepared with a cold lunch, water bottle, hat/sunscreen/sunglasses/ and closed toed shoes that are comfortable in which to hike.

As I have chatted with you students, most of you have made transportation arrangements. Way to think ahead and be responsible.  If for some reason you are unable to make these arrangements for your assigned day you may join an advisory house that is stay and continue with your studies for the day.


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