Attention Parents

ATTENTION PARENTS: Please disregard any and all emails that you may receive from Treering! We are NOT ordering yearbooks from Treering this year. We are ordering yearbooks from Memory Book. The yearbook is going to be one Academy yearbook this year (Early Childhood to Grade 9), and it is really going to be great! Please use the following information to order your child’s yearbook:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter your pay code 78444 and click next

Step 3: Use the drop-down boxes to select your child’s House teacher.

Step 4: Choose either a standard yearbook or a personalized yearbook (this option will print your child’s name and up to 4 icons on the front cover).

If you order before January 3rd, the price is $20 for a standard yearbook and $25 for a personalized. After January 3rd, the prices will raise to $25 for a standard yearbook and $30 for a personalized.

Please order your yearbook quickly!! And, once again, disregard any and all emails from Treering.

Thank you!

(Please contact Ms. Lisa if you have any questions.

January Lunch

lunchPlease sign up for which room you would like to eat lunch in for January. We encourage students to coordinate with friends to select a room that works for them. Please do not sign up more than once, if you do all of your names will be deleted. Also make sure that you sign up with your correct name, all other names will be deleted. The sign up will close on January 4th, if you are not signed up by this point Ms. Jessica will sign you up for a room

MMA’s Wellness Program

We promote a healthy classroom environment for each student with as minimal distractions as possible.  As holiday treats flow throughout the season, we encourage students to be mindful of what they bring to school;  for example, soda, sugary foods, and energy drinks are to be enjoyed at home rather then during school hours.  Also,  in the junior high we encourage students to provide their own snacks. These snacks times are an excellent opportunity to provide a healthy snack. Healthy snacks should always be finger foods without noisy, bulky packaging.  We are seeing a lot of ‘chips’ which are noisy and greasy for our technology and materials.  Most of the students are hungry before lunch, and if they are hungry enough, they will eat what is put in front of them.  Let’s put healthy choices in their hands. Please reference our wellness policy for any questions you may have.

MMA’s Literary Magazine

The first-ever Maria Montessori Academy Literary Magazine is published and available for purchase! The MMA Review is a magazine that is made up entirely by student and teacher submissions. This magazine contains original writing, photography, and artwork from students from Pre-K through Grade 9. It is a wonderful display of our students’ creativity. The MMA Review can be purchased from the main office for just $3.00! Please stop by the main office and purchase your copy!! (All proceeds will be donated to the 9th Grade Trip.)

Half Day Schedule

After much feedback and living the half day bell schedule it has been decided to revise it. Starting with the second semester (January 15th), half-days will be 4 shorted class periods and lunch/advisory.  The classes are 55 minutes a piece and lunch/Advisory is 40, so that might allow for time to meet and an informal activity.

Environmental Center Directions


  • Travel east on 12th street, up Ogden Canyon to Pineview dam.
  • Turn left across the dam (or proceed around through Huntsville if the dam road is closed) and follow the highway to the 4-way stop by Valley Market in downtown Eden.
  • Turn left and drive for 2.9 miles to 4100 N. where there is a 3-way stop.
  • Turn left and travel West for.2 miles.
  • Turn right on 3300 E. and travel North for 1.3 miles.
  • Turn left on 5100 N. and drive West the 1.5 miles to the parking lot.
  • Park your vehicle there and walk the .5 miles up to the Environmental Center.