*Keyboarding is a half year course offered to all 7th and 8th graders this year.  No matter where your skill is this class is designed to help you improve and master your keyboarding technique.

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Monday & Wednesday:

Assigned alphabet letter (example: A); type 5 A words with 5 sentences using that word (example: Animal – He really likes that animals over there.)


Inspiration thought: Keyboarding thoughts warm-ups Type the thought and your take on what it means. We will discuss the thought and its meaning after you are done.


Vocabulary Words: Quarterly Spelling Words You will type the group of vocabulary words and then create a sentence using that word.


Agriculture Journal: Keyboarding Journal Ag warm-ups – Type in your journal what a certain picture means to you. Be descriptive. You have to have at least 5 sentences. Several of you will share your thoughts on the picture after you are done.

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