Thunderstorms ahead, Field trip rescheduled for Thursday and Friday

thunderAttention MMAJH!  There is a 60% chance of thunderstorms ahead tomorrow.  If it was just rain, we would proceed, but the thunder is a problem.  Clas Ropes course is going to facilitate one additional group on Thursday (Ms. Fallon’s house will move to this day) and Friday (Ms. Jessi’s house will move to this day).

Please see to the blog for an update on information.  I’ve sorted through many of the rides and have managed to re-route most students to their proper day.  However, I could use another driver on Thursday.  Contact me if you are a certified driver and would like help filling up your car.

Students from Fallon and Jessi will need a new permission slip signed so that we can confirm that parents give their permission for the date change.  The consent form and liability form stand.  Here is the link to the permission slip:

Field Trip Parental Permission


Ms. Emily