Pictures of MMAJH Adventures

Annaston Staining

Annaston, a new student to MMAJH leads out in the service project

Don and Aldridge

Don and Aldridge totally focused

Wax on....Wax off

Wax on….Wax off

Ms Jessi Staining

Welcome to MMAJH Ms Jessi !

Tyla is amazingly happy so early in the morning

Tyla is amazingly happy so early in the morning

Brannock Staining

Fearlessly climbing to staggering heights, Brannock is as calm as a cucumber

Staining Group2

These students are very serious about getting a head start on their 10 hours of required service. BAM!!!



Student Emails

At MMAJH we strive to help students learn to collaborate and utilize technological tools made safe through our Google for Education account.  Each student is assigned a gmail account which gives them access to tools such as Gmail, Google Documents, Google Presentations, Google Calendar, and more!

The purpose of this email is to inform students and parents that the format for the school email has been changed for returning students.  The new format is:

first initial last

For example if my name were George Washington, my email would be:           

I will be distributing the password to establish the account on Monday and Tuesday. If you would like the password before then, just email me at and I will email it to you your password.

Ms. Emily