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Cross Country Player/Parent meeting

Students in grades 6-8 for cross country.

There will be a Player/Parent meeting held on Thursday, August 21st at 5:30 for parents and players to meet the coaches and sign-up to run. We will need parents to sign up at this meeting to volunteer to help with meets, carpools, etc. Any help given to the team will also count towards the schools required 40 volunteer hours. Practices will start the following Monday, the 25th at 3:15-5:00 pm. Student will need to have a parent with them at this meeting to sign medical release forms and the player and parent contracts. Students will not be allowed to practice or participate without these filled out and turned in.

MMA Cross Country runners will be learning about good running techniques, proper nutrition, proper stretching/warm-ups, self-motivation, goal setting, and good sportsmanship while focusing on building a feeling of support and community and most importantly having a blast! There is a $65 Pay-to-Play fee. Come learn more and have your questions answered at the meeting!

Updated Supply List

It has been brought to  my attention that a few items are missing from the supply list.  This list is hot off the press and have been reviewed by all the teachers.

3)composition books
1 package of thick markers, 1 package of thin markers
1) package of multi-colored highlighters
1) 2.5 – 3-ring binder or trapper keeper (one binder for all subjects)

Post-it tabs or dividers ( (yellow-math, blue-social studies, gray-English, purple-electives, pink-health/pe, green-science, orange-CTE[7th])
3) packages of lined notebook paper
1) 1.5 – 2 inch 3 ring binder for math
1) 3-4 inch 3 ring binder for portfolio
1) package of graph paper
1) clear protractor
1) metal compass
calculator: TO 30XS Multiview or Casio FX 300-ES

1) green pronged folder for math
Labeled mess kit (does not have to be the camping variety) for daily use and outings

Labeled personal water bottle (There are no drinking fountains in the portables.  This is a necessity)
1 Recipe box for Language Art and Spanish
Music stand (for music students only)
4 large paper grocery bags (for book covers)
1) package of page protectors
1) package of white board markers


The Front Field Trip

Please note the date change of our Front climbing experience.  All jr high students will be attending on Thursday, August 28th.

Permission slips and release forms will be sent home the first week of school.  Students should plan to bring a cold lunch and a good attitude.  More details forth coming.


Field Trip Schedule

MMA Junior High Field Experience Dates 2014-2015

These are tentative dates & may change depending on scheduling.

  • Aug 28     The Front
  • Sept 11     Farm group A
  • Sept 12     Farm group B
  • Sept 23     Mentor Class to Emeritus Estates
  • Sept 24     Mentor Class to Emeritus Estates
  • Oct 3         JA Biztown
  • Oct 22       Skyline Cycle for Shop Class
  • Oct 24       State Capitol & SLC Library
  • Nov 5         Smiths for Business Class
  • Nov 20-21 Winter Overnight at Environmental Center
  • Dec 12      Natural History Museum
  • Feb 27       Leonardo Museum
  • Mar 11      Farm group A
  • Mar 12      Farm group B
  • Apr TBA   North Ogden Gardens service project
  • Apr 24   ATC Field Trip Tour
  • May 14-15 Farm overnight camping trip??
    • May 14      Farm group A
      May 15      Farm group B

**Dates are subject to change due to unforeseen scheduling and new opportunities become available.

School Supply List

School supply list

  • 3 ring binder 2 inch or trapper keeper from last year
  • 2 sets of Colored tabs (yellow-math, blue-social studies, gray-English, purple-electives, pink-health/pe, green-science, orange-CTE[7th] & CCR[8th])
  • 3 ring binder 4+ inch binder for portfolio
  • 3 Composition notebooks
  • 2-3 packages 3-hole loose leaf paper
  • A personal pen or pencil to use in class
  • Personal water bottle (labeled)
  • Personal mess kit that will stay at school during the week. Students will make a mesh bag during normalization—If you have a color preference bring yarn or cord otherwise yarn will be provided)
  • 4 large paper grocery bag (will be designing book covers for textbooks)
  • 2 packages of fat and thin markers (ie Crayola)
  • Highlighter
  • Music stands (for music students only)
  • Dry erase markers and eraser (old CLEAN sock works great for eraser)
  • One green folder
  • Recipe card box (for English & Spanish vocabulary

Note: Office supply stores sell an adhesive tab which you can then write the subject in its assigned color. Also, a student planner will be provided to each student.