Schedule Change for The Front field Trip

Dear MMA Junior High Parent,

It has come to my attention (one day too late) that there is a scheduling issue.  Our trip to The Front Climbing Club will not be on Friday.  It will be on Thursday, August 28th.  Everything else is correct.

If you have already signed the numerous, consent forms and already returned them, thank you!  Please sign and have your student sign the Date Change Acknowledgement form.

Attached is also the  The Front Participant and Liability Agreement -Ogden .  Again, please sign both and return them in the time allotted.

You are still expected to either drop-off and pick your student up, or you will need to set up carpool plans. Thank you for sharing your child with us, allowing them to have these adventures, and your patience with me.


Ms. Kevi  (Your fearless/fearful leader)