March 10-14

Dance Card 3Tuesday:  PE finish filling out dance cards for dances 4,5,6,7&8. (Everyone together)

CTE: Finish filling out ‘Charting Your Future’ & make assignments for garden prep and setting up outdoor classroom.


Wednesay: Ms. Emily is attending a conference so students can choose Personal World time or free choice time in the sunshine. CTE class time will be used to execute the assignments given the previous day.  Students may want to dress to be working in the dirt.  We will be leveling the outdoor classroom and could use a few extra sturdy rakes.

Healthy Relationships Discussion will take place in the library from 1-2:30.

Thursday: trout -click on the trout to get a link to a map to the trout farm-

Parents are in charge of getting their students to and from the trout farm.  If you need help with driving arrangements contact Melinda Montgomery, our wonderful room parent, at

Students can be dropped off between 8:30 & 8:45.  Please plan to pick them up by 2:45.  The cost of the field trip is 3$ which the students will be paying individually directly to the trout farm to cover the cost of fishing privileges.  No fishing license is needed.

We will be observing how the trout farm raises fish and connecting their system to the life cycle of fish, catching a fish, dissecting and studying it’s anatomy, grilling the meat and utilizing the beautiful iridescent skin for an art project.

trout farm

Friday:  NO SCHOOL!  (It’s a professional development day, but feel free to drop off chocolate dipped strawberries if you find yourself bored without school)

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