Futuristic Resume Due Thursday

resumeTomorrow is the final day that I will accept your resume for the future.  Remember, you are writing it as if you are 25-30 years old for your dream job.  Have fun choosing where you will get your post high school training, future jobs and awards.  You can even make up you address and phone number.  Just make sure that you have your name so I know who you are.  Feel free to email your final project at egoddard@mariamontessoriacademy.org

Friday: Yearbook day, bring a good signing pen
I only have 10 books left so hurry and pay your 20$ to Ms. Shannon in the front office if you are interested.

Final weeks at MMAjr

summer is just around the corner!  These next two weeks at MMAjr will be full of hard work and fun.  So that we are all on the same page here is a list of reminders:

Tuesday May 13th: In preparation to our PE Social Dance unit performance (Friday 1:30-2:45)  the students will be baking cookies to serve as refreshments. We will be making pumpkin, peanut butter & chocolate chip.  We have many of the ingredients, but could use a few contributions. Click on the WEJOININ link to sign up.  (we need cream cheese, chocolate chips, peanut butter, eggs,  butter, and a few cooling racks).  Volunteers are welcome to join us in our baking adventures between 9:30-12 either/both days.


Wednesday: finish up baking the cookies and freeze them for dance

Thursday: For CTE we will be spreading out the decorative coral rock being delivered to our outdoor classroom.  We could use a few extra rakes.  Also, if anyone has a contact or opinion on flagstone we are making a flagstone walk way on the north-west corner of our classroom.  Students cut across there anyway, so might as well accommodate the tendency with some style.  We are hoping for a 8 foot by 3 foot walk way constructed from flagstone.  If you know where we can purchase some or know of anyone that needs some flagstone taken off their hands let Ms. Emily know. (egoddard@mariamontessoriacademy.org)

Friday: We will be learning about tin-foil dinners (aka hobo dinners) if any students want to create one the night before and bring in a sample of their creation to show as an example feel free!

Friday from 1:30-2:45 the 7th graders will showcase their social dance skills. We have requested that students be in best dress for this event (they are welcome to bring in a change of clothes if they prefer.) Parents are welcome to come see the students perform a polka, fox trot, a folk dance, and country swing dances. We will through in a couple of fun extra’s in case any spectators wish to join in.  Students are welcome to leave with their parents after the dance is cleaned up. Refreshments will be served.

Wednesday and Thursday May 21 & 22:  FARM time!  We will be meeting at the farm at 9 am Wednesday. Students need to arrive with a cold lunch and a tin foil dinner of their liking enclosed in tinfoil and then placed in a labeled ziplock bag.  We have sent home the permission slips and itinerary already, but if you have questions just holler!

May 23: Field day (Ms. Stephanie has granted the 7th graders a late start time of 10 so that they can sleep in after our farm trip).  However, the 7th grade staff will be on regular schedule and will be available.

May 26: No school

May 27-29 Parent teacher conferences, early release days for students

May 30 Last day of school/yearbook signing

If you are interested in a yearbook Monday is the final day to order them.  The link is closed down as of May 9th, so any last minute orders will have to go through the office.






We are pleased to announce that our course catalog for next year is ready! Beginning on Friday April 25th Ms. Valeri & Ms. Emily will be registering 7th grade students  for their 8th grade year.   This will then be sent home to be approve by parents.


Below is a PDF of the catalog for a description of each offered course.

Course Descriptions





We would also like to welcome Ms. Angie to the team.  She will be teaching math and helping to organize our Mentor Program.



Career Fair Field Trip

career fair 1On Monday April 28th MMAjr is going to a career fair.  We have chartered a bus to take us to the Kaysville ATC . (550 E 300 S Kaysville, 84037)


The objective of this field trip is to provide Utah students with HANDS-ON exposure to the diverse and exciting careers in:


career fair 2

At the fair there will be interactive exhibits, industry displays and demonstration projects all inviting student involvement. There are 3 area locations through which students will rotate.


Here are a few important tips to remember:

1. Dress for the weather. Many of the activities are held outside. Wear sunscreen.

2. Wear closed toed shoes for safety.

3. Wear long pants or Capri pants. No shorts, skirts or dresses. “No sagging or bagging”

4. Each student will be required to wear safety equipment which will be provided.

5. Leave backpacks at school. All students will receive a bag in which to collect information from vendors.

6. No cell phones.

7. Bring a water bottle. Lunch will be eaten at the school upon return at 12.  Students are welcome to bring a snack that can be eaten on the bus to or from event.

Week of April 15-18

mckayThis week in CTE we are taking a look at health care costs, government and how a hospital is a business.  We are then going out to tour a McKay Dee hospital on Thursday April 17th.  (4401 Harrison Blvd, Ogden, UT 84403)

Meet at the main entrance, the one with the piano, between 8:45-8:55.  The one hour tour will begin at 9 am.

beusWe will then walk up to Beus Pond to spend the remainder of the day doing science experiments, eating cold lunch and enjoying Spring.
4240 Country Hills Dr
Ogden, Utah 84403



By way of information on April 28th, a Monday, MMAjr is headed to Kaysville to attend a Career Fair.  We have chartered a bus for this event. We will leave as soon as school starts and be back in time for lunch at 12.

Dear CTE students,

Dear 7th graders,

smoothieToday you had your Blend Tec trials. I am writing to express how proud I feel at your independence and team work. You were innovative when items were forgotten, you worked well as team players, and you made some incredible inventions. (I am currently eating the potato soup. YUM!) I hope all had a good time. If you have suggestions for trying this activity out one more time before the year is out post them here.

Ms. Emily

Blend Tec Trials

eraseOn Wednesday March, 26 CTE will be EXPLORING what our Blend Tec blenders can do.  Each small group has selected 2-3 recipes to try.  They are responsible to work as a group to ’round-up’ needed supplies and ingredients.  If there are any concerns with providing needed supplies or ingredients contact Ms. Emily) Students should have supplies to the school by Tuesday March, 25th.  They will be given time on Tuesday to make final preparations and last minute adjustments.

http://www.wejoinin.com/sheets/njkhx   (Green Mango Madness, Orange Julius)

http://www.wejoinin.com/sheets/qwftr (Carla, Shad & Luke)

http://www.wejoinin.com/sheets/tsgfd (Isaac, Elyse, Therese, Kaydree)

http://www.wejoinin.com/sheets/elcdo (Abby, Destiny, Arianne, Gabe)

http://www.wejoinin.com/sheets/kdqle (Hyrum, Lancer, Mason, Conner, Spenser)

http://www.wejoinin.com/sheets/zuswv (Top Secret clearance needed for this link)

http://www.wejoinin.com/sheets/bfyia (Aspen, Jackson, Carter, & Navie)

http://wejoinin.com/sheets/bpdnw (John, Katie, Kaylee, & Payton)

http://www.wejoinin.com/sheets/unlkc (Sarah, Zach, & Noah)

http://www.wejoinin.com/sheets/bfjxx (Thomas, Levi, Lily, & Olivia)

http://www.wejoinin.com/sheets/kfqog (Kyler, Ciarra, Bellia, Maliyah)


March 10-14

Dance Card 3Tuesday:  PE finish filling out dance cards for dances 4,5,6,7&8. (Everyone together)

CTE: Finish filling out ‘Charting Your Future’ & make assignments for garden prep and setting up outdoor classroom.


Wednesay: Ms. Emily is attending a conference so students can choose Personal World time or free choice time in the sunshine. CTE class time will be used to execute the assignments given the previous day.  Students may want to dress to be working in the dirt.  We will be leveling the outdoor classroom and could use a few extra sturdy rakes.

Healthy Relationships Discussion will take place in the library from 1-2:30.

Thursday: trout -click on the trout to get a link to a map to the trout farm-

Parents are in charge of getting their students to and from the trout farm.  If you need help with driving arrangements contact Melinda Montgomery, our wonderful room parent, at melmont30@gmail.com

Students can be dropped off between 8:30 & 8:45.  Please plan to pick them up by 2:45.  The cost of the field trip is 3$ which the students will be paying individually directly to the trout farm to cover the cost of fishing privileges.  No fishing license is needed.

We will be observing how the trout farm raises fish and connecting their system to the life cycle of fish, catching a fish, dissecting and studying it’s anatomy, grilling the meat and utilizing the beautiful iridescent skin for an art project.

trout farm

Friday:  NO SCHOOL!  (It’s a professional development day, but feel free to drop off chocolate dipped strawberries if you find yourself bored without school)