Final weeks at MMAjr

summer is just around the corner!  These next two weeks at MMAjr will be full of hard work and fun.  So that we are all on the same page here is a list of reminders:

Tuesday May 13th: In preparation to our PE Social Dance unit performance (Friday 1:30-2:45)  the students will be baking cookies to serve as refreshments. We will be making pumpkin, peanut butter & chocolate chip.  We have many of the ingredients, but could use a few contributions. Click on the WEJOININ link to sign up.  (we need cream cheese, chocolate chips, peanut butter, eggs,  butter, and a few cooling racks).  Volunteers are welcome to join us in our baking adventures between 9:30-12 either/both days.

Wednesday: finish up baking the cookies and freeze them for dance

Thursday: For CTE we will be spreading out the decorative coral rock being delivered to our outdoor classroom.  We could use a few extra rakes.  Also, if anyone has a contact or opinion on flagstone we are making a flagstone walk way on the north-west corner of our classroom.  Students cut across there anyway, so might as well accommodate the tendency with some style.  We are hoping for a 8 foot by 3 foot walk way constructed from flagstone.  If you know where we can purchase some or know of anyone that needs some flagstone taken off their hands let Ms. Emily know. (

Friday: We will be learning about tin-foil dinners (aka hobo dinners) if any students want to create one the night before and bring in a sample of their creation to show as an example feel free!

Friday from 1:30-2:45 the 7th graders will showcase their social dance skills. We have requested that students be in best dress for this event (they are welcome to bring in a change of clothes if they prefer.) Parents are welcome to come see the students perform a polka, fox trot, a folk dance, and country swing dances. We will through in a couple of fun extra’s in case any spectators wish to join in.  Students are welcome to leave with their parents after the dance is cleaned up. Refreshments will be served.

Wednesday and Thursday May 21 & 22:  FARM time!  We will be meeting at the farm at 9 am Wednesday. Students need to arrive with a cold lunch and a tin foil dinner of their liking enclosed in tinfoil and then placed in a labeled ziplock bag.  We have sent home the permission slips and itinerary already, but if you have questions just holler!

May 23: Field day (Ms. Stephanie has granted the 7th graders a late start time of 10 so that they can sleep in after our farm trip).  However, the 7th grade staff will be on regular schedule and will be available.

May 26: No school

May 27-29 Parent teacher conferences, early release days for students

May 30 Last day of school/yearbook signing

If you are interested in a yearbook Monday is the final day to order them.  The link is closed down as of May 9th, so any last minute orders will have to go through the office.





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