Updated Supply List

It has been brought to  my attention that a few items are missing from the supply list.  This list is hot off the press and have been reviewed by all the teachers.

3)composition books
1 package of thick markers, 1 package of thin markers
1) package of multi-colored highlighters
1) 2.5 – 3-ring binder or trapper keeper (one binder for all subjects)

Post-it tabs or dividers ( (yellow-math, blue-social studies, gray-English, purple-electives, pink-health/pe, green-science, orange-CTE[7th])
3) packages of lined notebook paper
1) 1.5 – 2 inch 3 ring binder for math
1) 3-4 inch 3 ring binder for portfolio
1) package of graph paper
1) clear protractor
1) metal compass
calculator: TO 30XS Multiview or Casio FX 300-ES

1) green pronged folder for math
Labeled mess kit (does not have to be the camping variety) for daily use and outings

Labeled personal water bottle (There are no drinking fountains in the portables.  This is a necessity)
1 Recipe box for Language Art and Spanish
Music stand (for music students only)
4 large paper grocery bags (for book covers)
1) package of page protectors
1) package of white board markers


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