MMA’s Wellness Program

We promote a healthy classroom environment for each student with as minimal distractions as possible.  As holiday treats flow throughout the season, we encourage students to be mindful of what they bring to school;  for example, soda, sugary foods, and energy drinks are to be enjoyed at home rather then during school hours.  Also,  in the junior high we encourage students to provide their own snacks. These snacks times are an excellent opportunity to provide a healthy snack. Healthy snacks should always be finger foods without noisy, bulky packaging.  We are seeing a lot of ‘chips’ which are noisy and greasy for our technology and materials.  Most of the students are hungry before lunch, and if they are hungry enough, they will eat what is put in front of them.  Let’s put healthy choices in their hands. Please reference our wellness policy for any questions you may have.

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