Ogden Weber Applied Technology Trip


ATCOn Wednesday CTE Introduction will be researching programs offered by Ogden Weber Applied Technology College and Davis Applied Technology College in preparation for our arranged tour of the Ogden Weber ATC.  The eighth graders attended the Davis ATC last year and have been invited to join the 7th graders this year as we tour the Ogden ATC.

Permission Slips were passed out to the students and were required to be returned Friday, April 17th.  Students who failed to return their slips on time will not be able to join the group.  Because we find great value in helping students understand their career training options those students staying behind will be required to choose one program from either ATC to research.  In lieu of attendance at the ACT they will then take their research to complete a Utah Compose informative essay.  This essay will need a minimum of three revisions and a minimum score of 15. Students who don’t complete their essay in the time provided on Friday will be working on it until it is finished, instead of attending field day and other extra-curricular activities.

For those attending click HERE for an itinerary of the field trip: ATC Cover letter

Please direct any questions or concerns about this field trip and/or Utah Compose Assignment to Ms. Emily egoddard@mariamontessoriacademy.org 

Thank you for your support,

Ms. Emily