Here we go!

Construction has begun, folks!

diggingSince I have your attention here is a date to put on your calendar:

July 15th Pool Party 7-9pm @North Shore. Come celebrate the summer with the rest of the school. It’s our treat.  MMA students and their families are invited.

Expect your schedules, supply list and more information early August.  The school will be mailing them out, so if your address has changed contact the office.  If you haven’t confirmed your intent to return we encourage you to do so TODAY!  We are ordering desks and supplies and would love the most accurate count we can.

Finally, for those families who are utilizing the free labor resources of their wee ones this summer to clean out and organize we ask that you keep MMAjr in mind as you sort through things you no longer need.  We will be stocking our own kitchen and making numerous ‘peace areas’. (lamps, sofas, rugs, plants, as well as kitchen items; can opener, toaster, dishes, kitchen tools, pots, pans, spices. )  If you hear of anyone who wishes to get rid of things send them our way or have them contact Ms. Emily and she will arrange a pick up! (