Jr. High Field Day Chaperones

The junior high will be spending their field day at Beus Pond Park on May 20th from 9 am to 2 pm. There are lots of shady areas and grassy areas for plenty of games and team sports. Students can also walk out on the dock and cross the steams on footbridges. We are looking for as many parents to volunteers as we can get. If you would be willing to join us on the excursion please contact Ms. Jessica or Ms. Fallon.

If your student needs another permission slip please print one here: Beus Pond

Advisory 4/25- 4/29


Monday:  Planning, finishing painting rocks for school ocean project

Tuesday:  Hand Model of the Human Brain

Wednesday & Thursday Are opportunities for the students to relax after a day of testing and do something they enjoy.  They can bring in a pillow/blanket and take a snooze.  They can bring in a craft project.  They can work on school work so that they don’t have any homework. They can play a board game.

Friday:  Personal World.  This week advisory houses can decide, as a house, how to use their time this Friday.