Sign Up link for Lunch Time

celebrateStudents are able to choose their lunch room for each month.  We encourage students to coordinate with friends to select a room that works for them.  Each month a We Join In link will be provided so that students can sign up with their email to reserve a spot.  Once the allocated spaces are filled the sign up will close and another selection will need to be made.
If you enjoy a quiet lunch we recommend the environment of Ms. Marie and Mr. Rob.  They too, enjoy a quiet lunch.

Any problems?  Contact Ms. Jessica or Ms. Emily.


Freshman Trip

Hello 9th graders and parents,

I wanted to give you a heads up on some dates to mark on your calendar as we are preparing for our trip to the Redwood/San Francisco. We will be having a student lunch meeting on Friday September 11th. This is a 9th grade student only meeting. There the students will be given information about what they need to do to be able to attend their trip. The next date to watch for is Thursday September 17th which is our parent meeting at 6:30 pm. This is for parents of children who plan to go on our freshman trip. In this meeting we will be giving the parents all of the material that was covered in our student meeting and allowing for questions and concerns that they may have. Please make sure that you are in attendance of these meetings if you or your student plans to attend the trip.

Thank you for your support!

Pizza Fridays

pizzaPizza Fridays will begin on Friday September 4th and run through the rest of the year. Your student will be receiving their order forms in their Advisory class but there is also a copy attached to this post. Please bring this completed order from along with your payment in an envelope labeled “Pizza Order” and have the student bring it to Ms. Jessica in the Yurt. To get the orders in timely, all orders must be received by Wednesday at 9 am before the Friday you wish to receive the Pizza. Pizza  will then be delivered to them in their lunchroom class. Thank you for your support!

Maria Montessori Academy Pizza Friday Order Form

Erdkinder’s Chicks

ChickThis year some of our students have the amazing opportunity to participate in a class called Erdkinder. In this class the students will be hatching and raising chickens. Parents who do NOT want their children touching the chicks will need to sign a form that can be found at Ms. Jessica’s desk in the Yurt. Otherwise we are going to assume that all students can interact with the chickens. The only students feeding or caring for the chickens will be those in Erdkinder. However, we encourage all the students to observe and interact with the chickens.

Call for Zoologists


If you are a student interested going into to field on Zoology you’ll want to attend our upcoming meeting. The meeting will be held on Tuesday September 8th at 8:10 am in the Yurt. You will need to have a signed permission slip to be able to attend the meeting. The permission slips will be at Ms. Jessica’s desk which you can get at any time during the day.If you aren’t sure what a Zoologist is here is a quick definition: A zoologist is someone who studies the behavior, origins, genetics, diseases and life progression of animals and wildlife. There are a variety of ways that a zoologist can specialize and there are many diverse jobs in this field. If this sounds like something you want to be apart of make sure you come to the meeting!