Come Get Down & Dirty With Montessori

Get Down and Dirty

With the Montessori Materials

Wednesday November 12, 2014

6:30-8:30pm at Maria Montessori Academy

Have you ever wondered why your child is playing with beads all day, what snake game is, or how a checkerboardteaches multiplication? Join us for an evening of getting “down and dirty” with the Montessori materials.  Bring your adult friends and neighbors for an opportunity to experience math, language and science, as you never have before! All of our teachers will be here to give lessons and answer questions related to the MMA curriculum.

Try your hand at balancing algebra and using test tube to do long division in a way that will blow your mind. See the transition of the math materials from preschool through the junior high level and learn about how our beads actually help us understand the square root of numbers!

Watch the progression of the grammar materials; from common and proper nouns to prepositional phrases. Discover the meaning of etymology and see how it can actually be fun! See why our children LOVE to learn! Participate in hands-on science and social studies lessons that will solidify your understanding of microorganisms, invertebrates, the rock-cycle, electricity and more!

This evening will be an open house event from 6:30-8:30 but we suggest coming early because we know, that just like the children, you won’t want to leave when it’s over. Remember this is an adult-only night for MMA parents and other community members.

We look forward to sharing our passion for education with you and we know that you’ll learn something new!

Kacee Weaver, M.Ed.

Curriculum Instructional Specialist

Maria Montessori Academy