CTE & PE Feb. 18 – 21


Today, Feb. 18th,  we will be putting away the archery equipment. However, we will be taking the equipment up with us to the May Farm visit for an outdoor range of 15 meters!
For our next PE unit we will be studying Social Dance!  Cha Cha slide,  Western Swing, several folk dances and perhaps the Waltz.

CTE: Internship Presentations are due this week!

Wednesday- finish preparations, INTERNSHIP PRESENTATIONS

Friday – FINISH PRESENTATIONS, MAKE WAFFLES (I have the batter, utensils, butter and syrup.  If anyone wants to bring paper plates or any embellishments as toppings that would be fantastic!)

sci lab Mark your calendars for February 28th, a Friday.  We will be taking a tour of Weber County’s CSI lab.  Permission slips will be coming home this week. After the tour we will be walking a short distance to the Appliance EMT shop on Gibson to enjoy lunch and assemble our picnic tables that we got from LifeTime for our outdoor classroom.  We will then take the public bus back to the school.



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