Red Ribbon Week

Hey guys!

Looking forward to an amazing red ribbon week this week! If you haven’t seen the flyer on facebook or the mmm newsletter, you can find it here:

Information about red ribbon week! Enjoy your fall break everyone!

Posted by North Ogden Maria Montessori Academy Parent Association on Thursday, October 17, 2019

All the information about dress up days, and what is going on this week is listed, there is some great information on this thing! We are going to have a great week! It sounds like everyone enjoyed our great speaker last week and we are so thankful that she was available to come in and donate her time to us.

This week aside from red ribbon week, we also have a meeting Friday morning (November 1st 8:45am) An agenda will be online for sneak peaks and what we will be covering later on this week. We will probably be debriefing from fall festival and recapping what we can do to improve for next year, as well as going over more Gala stuff, and anything else that might be coming up in the future. Everyone is welcome and we are always happy to see new faces!

We wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween this week on Thursday with your families! And remember to set your your clocks back next Sunday (November 3rd!) Enjoy your much needed extra hour of sleep!


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