You’re Invited!

Please join us Friday  3/2 at 8:45 am for our next MAPA meeting in the conference room.  It’s not to late to get involved and we love to have new faces and new ideas!  We also want to thank all those parents who have contributed to our school this year, we’d love to see you all there.  (And remember, attending MAPA meetings counts toward your service hours.)

It’s a party for the BEST parent community!

We would like to thank all the wonderful parents who made all the events at PTC a success! We really have some great volunteers out there. The Teachers are very appreciative of the meals brought in during conferences and for the books purchased for their classes from the book fair! Don’t forget to count making/purchasing food and driving to and from the school towards your 40 hours on track it forward.  Also if you purchased a book for the classroom please count the time it took you to drive to and from the school and the time it took you to browse through the books to find the ones on your teachers wishlist towards your 40 hours also!

2018 MMA Gala is just around the corner!
Pre-sale tickets will be on sale after school Friday February 23rd and Friday March 9th from 3-4pm by the front office.
You can also purchase online at  prices will be $30 a ticket before March 10th and $35 a ticket after March 10th.